Virus attacks

  cowgirl66 15:26 04 Apr 2007

I use Avast free version and have found it to be excellent. However, in the last half hour I have had at least 10 alerts warning me that Avast has blocked nine DCom Exploits and one LSASS Exploit (SXP)

Why is this suddenly happening and so many at one time? This is so very unusual. Does it mean that my computer is already infected with malware to initiate one of these attacks?

  provider 2 15:33 04 Apr 2007

I have avast! and have been on the net for the past 40 mins. I have received no such warnings.
I think this must have more to do with which sites you have been visiting.

  cowgirl66 15:40 04 Apr 2007

I have only been visiting the sites I normally visit, such as tv guide webpage and my emails. Since those alerts arrived I spent all my time on the Avast website looking for guidance. Surely this website would be deemed safe for browsing?

  cowgirl66 15:40 04 Apr 2007

And , i believe the sasser virus is not spread by emails.

  provider 2 15:43 04 Apr 2007
  provider 2 15:52 04 Apr 2007

Something to do with ZoneAlarm, maybe?

  cowgirl66 15:55 04 Apr 2007

hi again, i am using Sunbelt Kerio firewall; could this be causing the problem? Also this morning I had an update from Windows - KB925902.

I'm still baffled!

  provider 2 16:32 04 Apr 2007

I don`t know if this is any kind of an answer but I believe the reference is to the same problems you are having.

  provider 2 16:33 04 Apr 2007
  cowgirl66 17:24 04 Apr 2007

Hi provider 2,

Please forgive me my visual impairment. I have just noticed that my firewall icon is not in the System Tray!

I have just re-started Kerio so hopefully now Avast won't worry me. Although without it I would have been up the creek without a paddle.

Regards cowgirl66

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