Virus Attack

  Abel 15:37 23 Apr 2014

I live in north Devon and both my computers both Desktop and Laptop have gone haywire Is anyone else experiencing this?


  The Kestrel 15:44 23 Apr 2014

You need to provide more details if anyone is going to be able to help. Describe in as much detail as possible what is happening to your Desktop and Laptop. What operating systems do they have? Make and model would also be useful.

  Abel 19:42 24 Apr 2014

The desktop machine’s operating system is XP Professional and is an unnamed make. The laptop is a HP Pavilion dv6 with Windows 7. The problem started on Tuesday 22 March. When logging-on the screen says ‘if your system is not starting correctly then you may switch to a previous system configuration, which may overcome starting problems’ It then goes on to offer a Profile 1. At the bottom of the screen it also offers three other options all of which, when selected, do exactly the same as Profile 1. When trying to run Malwarebytes it starts of enabling you to select a complete scan, but soon after it says that a previous scan is already running and closes the programme. I have deliberately stayed away from Excel because of the real time financial data it contains. However, on the desktop, which has Lotus 123, the moment a cell is clicked a sort of I bar continues across the page joining all the cells together. MS diary Outlook, which I have segmented into 15 minute bands, has similar happenings and is not able to have any appointments noted. I have no idea how I managed it but I did get AVG to do a full san which came up with the following:

Luhe.Lockscreen.A C:\ProgramData\of1mjiw.pad

Luhe.Lockscreen.A C:\ProgramData\4gqdz.pad

Windows explorer will not enable me to search for these files, but other than deleting them I’m not quite sure what else I could do with them.

  rdave13 19:58 24 Apr 2014

As it's two PCs with different OSs with same problems, I'd reboot the router/modem with both PCs off. Restart the router/modem, boot one of the PCs, enter the router's page on the browser, log in and find where to change the password login for your modem/router.

  rdave13 20:13 24 Apr 2014

A previous post I started, click here reading anyway.


  rdave13 20:16 24 Apr 2014

Sometimes I give up how this forum posts what you actually post. Will repeat with a lot more spaces.

A previous post I started, click here Worth reading anyway.

  The Kestrel 07:43 25 Apr 2014

here is a link to some information about Luhe Lockscreen.

click here

  The Kestrel 07:52 25 Apr 2014

A more detailed explanation and free removal tool.

click here

  Abel 14:48 27 Apr 2014

Thanks for your input fellas! Since The Kestrel's advice was the safest for me, I'm not at all technically minded and it did cost me £28 odd, I've got rid of the problem from my laptop which is my everyday machine. I’ve made a separate post hoping someone will help me reinstate my desktop machine from an ATI backup.


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