virus attack

  edee66 11:48 24 Oct 2004

My (other) pc was hit with a virus which although I can boot, I can't do anything at all with any programmes. Does this mean a complete 'restore'. There are things which I never saved and will obviously lose if this is the case.

Thanks for any help

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:53 24 Oct 2004

Can you boot into safe mode?

  Belatucadrus 12:03 24 Oct 2004

Try running the avast virus cleaner click here a small download, easy to put on a floppy disk, with notes on how to run it if your .exe association is corrupt in the paragraph headed 'Solving other problems' at the bottom of the page.

  edee66 14:15 24 Oct 2004

Thanks guys I will try your suggestions

  swampy123 14:47 24 Oct 2004

if you have a virus scan disk set the computer to boot from cd-rom and use the virus scan disk it should let you scan from there.

  edee66 01:56 25 Oct 2004

Thanks Swampy, I will try that, anything in fact. I got into safe mode as Gandalf suggested and could only use the tab key which was very limited. If I did get into a prog it was with limitations. I will try Belatucadrus's prog also which I put on disc. I know this thing is in the 'help' files as the anti-virus showed me the address but said it could nothing.

many thanks

  edee66 15:06 28 Oct 2004

Just to let you know I had to do a complete reformat. Nothing else seemed to resolve the problem. Thank you for your help nevertheless, much appreciated.

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