Virus - Any Ideas

  orangewhiteblue 18:56 06 Apr 2004


I've received emails on several occassions showing the following information:

MailMarshal (an automated content monitoring gateway) has stopped
blocked the following message:

Message: B000010aba.00000001.mml
From: [email protected] (origonal x'ed out)
To: [email protected]
Subject: Re: Your document

Because it believes the message contains a virus.
The virus scanning software used was: Sophos Anti-Virus

I haven't sent these emails and my (AVG - upto date) anti-virus software says I'm clear. I have also used on-line anti-viral products that also say I'm clear.

Is it my computer or someone elses that's generating the initial email?

What can I do about it?


  JayDay 19:01 06 Apr 2004

Don't worry. I've received these as well. It would appear somone is sending these purporting to be from you. How they do this is a mystery. perhaps someone can explain, as I would also like to know.

  Patr100 19:21 06 Apr 2004

Not much you can do about it except delete the email It a virus elswhere that is sending out emails trying to use different email addresses often randomly invented or harvested as a cover. Some happen to belong to a real person such as yourself or if you own a domain you might get then as well.

  johnnyrocker 19:25 06 Apr 2004

they are most likely to be from someone who knows you and has your address on board an infected machine.


  Patr100 19:25 06 Apr 2004

The other less likely answer is that someone is infected with the virus who has your email address in their Outlook contacts/address book.

  Patr100 19:32 06 Apr 2004

johnnyrocker is right. Given the way this particular worm spreads. Chances are more likely that it has harvested the address from an infected PC .

  orangewhiteblue 20:40 06 Apr 2004

Thanks for the info, I was worried my computer sending stuff out. I'm still not happy that my email appears to be sending other people viruses though!

Thanks again.


  hoya 21:35 06 Apr 2004

I was getting emails through but I read up on Beagle 32. Yahoo suggest you delete the emails but I believe I still have some kind of file on my computer. I have scanned too and all clear. However there is an xxx file Porn believe it or not that it won't scan.I have cleared that particular email account for now until I am sure.

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