leo49 08:18 01 Apr 2004

Something evil this way comes.....

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  Diodorus Siculus 08:25 01 Apr 2004

WASHINGTON, D.C.--The Institute for the Investigation of Irregular Internet Phenomena announced today that many Internet users are becoming infected by a new virus that causes them to believe without question every groundless story, legend, and dire warning that shows up in their inbox or on their browser. The Gullibility Virus, as it is called, apparently makes people believe and forward copies of silly hoaxes relating to cookie recipes, email viruses, taxes on modems, and get-rich-quick schemes [perhaps conspiracy theories should be included here].

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  leo49 08:27 01 Apr 2004

You...You....mean it's not true???

  Diodorus Siculus 08:28 01 Apr 2004

It's true all right...

  Stuartli 08:51 01 Apr 2004

It certainly applies to some members of these forums...:-)))

Their theme song was a big hit for Anthony Newley.

  Old Shep 08:56 01 Apr 2004

Thought there might be some pranksters on today.
Stuarti we are too young who was Anthony Newley and what was the song?????

  leo49 09:36 01 Apr 2004

Give you a clue.

What kind of a "something" and his money are soon parted?

  Old Shep 09:38 01 Apr 2004

If I try to hum it can you sing it.

  Stuartli 09:44 01 Apr 2004

AN had massive eyebrows, was a big film and stage star, and was once married to Joan Collins; personally I think that sister Jackie knocked spots off her sister for sex appeal - you've either got it or you haven't..:-)

  Stuartli 09:52 01 Apr 2004

Recognise him now?

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  leo49 09:57 01 Apr 2004

Another clue - he's the one on the left in Stuartli's pic.

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