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  drdeath 11:56 28 Jun 2004

ive just installed avast a/v program, and was notified that i had several viruses after running a scan, i was then asked if i wanted to repair these viruses, which i assumed is what i needed to do, however was then notified that this wasnt possible, so i permantely deleted the viruses, is this the best course of action with any viruses found? silly question i know, but how do you know that any virus has been permantley removed? kind regards Lee

  Flaco 12:22 28 Jun 2004

Not an answer, I'm afraid, but I've got the same question so wondered if I could piggy-back onto the thread.

My Trend Micro virus table gave me a Netski.P warning yesterday on an email attachment. I've deleted the email but that doesn't actually deal with the offending code. My virus prog cannot automatically destroy it and instead requires for it to be done manually. This is probably the same in your case. However, the instructions on the Trend site were as clear as mud so I'm none the wiser as to how to do it.

I think what we need is advice on how to manually destroy the virus. Qustion: if we've deleted the files, will running a defrag scramble them and render them inactive?

  pj123 12:52 28 Jun 2004

There is a lot more to it than just deleting the file you see. Most viruses put files in many places on your computer, including the Registry.

I always go to mcafee click here and type the virus name into the search box. You get very comprehensive instructions on how to delete it manually.

  stlucia 12:54 28 Jun 2004

Delete is undoubtedly the safest option, but it will result in the file which was carrying the virus being lost also. Most virus scanners move the infected file to a 'quarantine' area, and rename them, so that they can't do any further harm. If your PC then continues to function normally, it means that the infected file was not one that you need to keep, and you can then delete it.

The repair option (if available) can clean the virus out of the 'host' file without losing the file itself.

The only way you can tell if a virus is permanently removed is to run your AV software again. If it keeps coming back, try disabling your Windows system restore function before cleaning out the viruses.

  Flaco 10:28 04 Jul 2004

Thanks for the responses. Sorry I didn't reply sooner but I've been having trouble getting into my account (not virus related).


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