spec 12:16 15 Jan 2011

I have caught the 'System Tool' virus on another drive. As much as I try I cannot get into 'safe mode' with F8. Any suggestions please, it's driving me mad.

Thanks in advance

  rdave13 12:32 15 Jan 2011

Depends on the motherboard, have you tried tapping F5 on startup?

  Sea Urchin 16:08 15 Jan 2011

Use this link to remove Security Tool - don't use the downloads at the top of the page, but scroll down to the heading:

"Automated Removal Instructions for System Tool using Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware"

and follow the instructions very carefully. If you already have Malwarebytes you will need to download and install it again as per the instructions, as it's likely to have been compromised by the virus.

click here

  spec 10:17 16 Jan 2011

rdave, the motherboard is 'Foxcom'. Haven't tried F5 but I will thanks.

Sea urchin, the thing is the virus won't allow me to use any progs at all. I have Ad-aware and avast but anything I try to use is blocked with this b..... prog. I will try anyway, thanks.

I will come back and let you both know anyway. Many thanks for your help.

  john bunyan 10:40 16 Jan 2011

Do you have a back up such as an ATI inage or clone from before the virus? I have twice had to use one in such circumstances.

  rdave13 11:12 16 Jan 2011

If you're still stuck then try SAS portable. Use another PC to download it and transfer to a flash drive.
Run it on the infected PC from the drive. Might clear enough of the malware so you can get to safe mode.
click here
Worth a try.

  spec 11:26 16 Jan 2011

I have no backup I'm afraid John.

rdave, I tried sea urchins suggestion and copied Malwarebytes to disc. But when I tried to use the disc on the infected drive, the virus wouldn't allow me to install. F5 doesn't work either. Thanks anyway.

  onthelimit 11:33 16 Jan 2011

You are tapping F8 as soon as you switch on are you?

  rdave13 11:41 16 Jan 2011

Try the portable scanner as it saves under a random filename.

  spec 11:57 16 Jan 2011

Yes Dave, tried F8 and F5, holding and tapping. The OS just ignores it?

  birdface 11:58 16 Jan 2011

Another 2 to try.
Both pay for versions but will remove anything on the 30 day trial.

click here Hitman Pro
click here
If trojan remover asks for payment carry on with the scan and ignore it.You get a 30 day trial.

In Sea Urchin's click here it gives you some good advice.
if you go to Internet Options.Connections.Lan. And if the proxy server is ticked untick it.
Then go to your security programs and update and run them.
If it finds and removes anything maybe run C Cleaner then switch of System Restore.
Once you have rebooted and you are sure the system is clean switch System restore back on.

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