Is this a virus?

  corbs 15:04 16 Dec 2006


My in laws have managed to do something strange to their computer whilst I have been away, I normally run all the virus scans etc but on my return when the computer is loading it goes to the Windows XP Professional Screen, the one before the log in screen and then after that the computer shuts down and reboots and then shuts downand reboots constantly. The only way to stop it is by unplugging the power souce. I managed to get in in Safe Mode and did a system restore but the same thing happened as I tried to log on again. This is about as far as my knowledge goes, i did read some other threads which suggested it might be an issue with the hardware? But I am unsure. Any advice would be grateully received. Thanks

  anskyber 15:08 16 Dec 2006

It could be. A virus scan in safe mode is a good start but as this says click here the are many solutions.

  VoG II 15:09 16 Dec 2006
  anskyber 15:26 16 Dec 2006

VoG™ s answer must be it, ignore mine unless his does not work.

  vinnyT 16:56 16 Dec 2006

When you get back in, you could;

- right click 'my computer'
- select properties
- select advanced
- select 'startup and recovery' settings
- under 'system failure' untick automatically restart
- click OK

This should prevent the pc constantly rebooting in the event of any future problems (you would still have to sort the prob out).

Hope this helps.

  Blitzer 17:04 16 Dec 2006

Hardware wise it could be a failing power supply, but personally I think this would give you more of a random reboot issue rather than what you discribe. If what Vog suggests does not work then perhaps swapping out the PSU with a known good one might be worth a try?

  corbs 19:49 18 Dec 2006

Thanks, I will try VoG reference, however can anyone tell me if any windows disk will do, its just that the one for my in laws computer cannot be located but they think they can borrow one from someone else? Would this still work to get into the Windows Recovery Console?

  VoG II 20:16 18 Dec 2006

Yes, any XP disk will do.

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