cbradley857 19:51 13 Oct 2006

Today, I downloaded a file on to my computer. When I clicked on the .exe file to install it the file disappeared and i think my computer is now infected with a virus. When i press CTRL+ALT+DELETE it compes up with a message that says 'Task Manager has been disabled by your administrator'. when i try to use system restore a similer message comes up. I had a virus scan which was not on at the time but when i realised i had a virus i tried to do a scan of my computer, but the virus scan would not open properly. I have tried downloading other virus scan software but it would not install. Ive tried every thing. Please help me!

  Diodorus Siculus 19:58 13 Oct 2006

click here
Trend Micro - Free online virus Scan

  STREETWORK 21:11 13 Oct 2006

Can you boot into safe mode and scan from there?

  terryf 23:45 13 Oct 2006

click here but use IE not firefox

  cbradley857 11:14 14 Oct 2006

I have downloaded a 30 day trial of mcafee Virus scan but when i scanned my computer it found nothing. I even scanned the file that i know the virus came from and it didn't detect anything.

  cbradley857 11:48 14 Oct 2006

i have a backup disk which i didnt want to use but now ill have to. i'll just backup my files and use it.

  cbradley857 11:49 14 Oct 2006

how do i increase the size of a partition or create a new one

  Diodorus Siculus 16:01 14 Oct 2006

Changing partitions depends on your machine specification - some PCs are supplied with a fixed partitions that hold backup data and if you change them it will cause problems.

What sort of backup disk do you have? A full XP disk or a restore disk?

Who made the machine?

What is its specification?

  it_girl 16:41 14 Oct 2006

I have come across a similar problem to this where a virus disables the Task Manager,Regedit,and Msconfig.

I'm trying to remember how to get the TaskManager(CTRL+ALT+DELETE) functioning again ;
Search your pc for the file Taskmgr.exe.
When you find it make sure that a copy of it exits in C:\ and in C:\Windows\system32.
Copy and Pasting will do it for you.

I think it is the same for the other 2 programs.

By putting a copy of it onto the Desktop will work as well but requiring you to click on it .

  palinka 17:51 14 Oct 2006

cbradley857, reason your trial version of anti-virus didn't find the virus is probably that it needs updating before you use it. If the virus was invented after the release of the free trial software, the software will not know anything about that virus, so will not find it.
All anti-virus software needs updating as soon as installed and before use, even if it's a paid for version and came in a box.

  DieSse 19:51 14 Oct 2006

Can you give me a link to the problem file and I will attempt to check it out for you.

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