swanny2 21:11 26 Dec 2005

i just clicked on a link an my pc has got infected with Spyware . im a novice an dont know what do .it started scannin me pc an found 72 threats ,then asks me if i want too heal them i clik yes and it asks,for a code.hmm,
heres some things i jotted down .spyware sherrif trojan VX. klone threat found in registry key cool web search. spyware infection .
Ive ran spybot an it fixed 38 probles. ive got a firewall with windows xp an AVG. Ive no idea what do next.when i reboot it just scans again an same things pop up . any help please .im running windows xp media centre.
cheers .
Swanny :P

  Sharpamatt 21:31 26 Dec 2005

presume your AGV has been updated, but if not update it and run a full scan. If you find the problems are not fully removed they may also have infected the system restore

In which case you should turn off system restore scan and then turn it on again. but you will loose all previous restore points.

to turn off system restore. Programs/Accessarys/system tools/system restore you will find access to system settings on the left hand side.

If you give the information on what spyware program you are running somone may be able to help with the code, ( I suspect it is an expired trial copy )

Adding details of your firewall may also help, I myself use Zone Alarm Pro which has a spyware scanner.( but I disable the windows one when this is in use )

My AVG I check every day for updates before doing a scan

  swanny2 21:37 26 Dec 2005

im running a scan now found virus klone and 12 infected areas ,upto now..
i have spybot and spyware blaster i downloaded that blaster after the virus tho ..

  Kev.Ifty 21:40 26 Dec 2005

Try this Antispy program

click here

  swanny2 21:41 26 Dec 2005

this has finished scanning an healed 10/12 objects. shall i turn off system restore and scan again ?

  swanny2 21:45 26 Dec 2005

kev... do i need too download that genuine windows validation component ?

  swanny2 21:47 26 Dec 2005

im doin the scan now ive turned system restore of and its found Virus Klone.

  swanny2 22:14 26 Dec 2005

ive done the scan .
infected 2 healed 0
partition table (MBR) ok
boot sector of disc c ok
Virus found Klone c/windows/tool3exe
ive deleted all files ,then when i rebooted a pop up came on virus detected. just b4 it went of i saw Worm del i think thats what it was nor sure but defo worm.ive ran everything ive got but no good still here.

tx .
Swanny :O)

  Kev.Ifty 22:15 26 Dec 2005

'genuine windows validation component'.

Is something that scans your PC to check if the OS you are using is a genuine copy.

It's nothing to worry about.

Skip it to save time.


  VoG II 22:24 26 Dec 2005

Download click here update it and run it.

  swanny2 22:29 26 Dec 2005

ive downloaded cw shredder an found this.

found the following 1 CWS Yexe

Variant 27: CWS.Yexe
Approx date first sighted: January 17, 2004
Symptoms: IE start page hijacked to
Cleverness: 2/10
Manual removal difficulty: Involves deleting some Registry values and keys, deleting one folder and restoring the IE homepage
This variant uses a filename often seen as installer for either CWS or (y.exe), but uses it as the actual hijacker file. It loads from win.ini as well as system.ini in a weird way that shouldn't even work, and installs a BHO with seemingly the purpose to react to certain keywords on webpages. Removing the BHO and the autorunning y.exe file fixes this hijack.

CWS.Yexe.2: Possibly a mutation of this variant exists that uses the filename services.exe instead of y.exe.
any ideas . please.

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