virtuali memory is to low

  edelinski-199425 13:16 23 May 2004

I don't know what that mean's, I convert CD Audio in to a MP3 and I recive mesagge from windovs that my mvirtuali memory is to low so I need help to fix that, if somebady can help me about this problem,thank you.

  PSF 13:29 23 May 2004

Virtual memory is used to assist you ram. It uses the hard drive to store information that is too large for your ram to handle, or it adds more 'virtual ram' to make up for the lack of ram on your system.

When you convert the cd to MP3 it uses a lot of space, it looks like your virtual memory is set too low.

If you use a memory manager like Cacheman it will increase the size of your virtual memory for you. click here There are different options to set, choose the one for your application.

  edelinski-199425 14:56 28 May 2004

Thank's for help, now it's much beter.Now my computer working normal and don't show me mesagge like before,so it looks that ok now, thank you again.

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