virtual windows memory

  leeknight67 22:56 25 Mar 2005

how can i free up to get more windows virtual memory. because when i run some games it slows up and keeps coming up with this

  Trackrat 23:18 25 Mar 2005

This should give you an answer.
click here

  LastChip 23:18 25 Mar 2005

Is not memory at all in the real sense, it is a file that data is swapped to, out of the real (physical) memory and onto the hard drive.

Minimise everything you can in terms of what you have running at start-up. Often there are many processes running in the background that are not necessary. You can also specify your own settings for the size of the swap file - under "Virtual Memory".

  hugh-265156 23:35 25 Mar 2005

if you have windows XP running with any less than 512MB of ram then add some more. 512MB should do fine for most people but some games now days will use a lot of memory so 1GB of ram would be ideal if you play a lot of recent games.

in the mean time to stop windows from resizing the virtual memory all the time click:

'start/control panel/system/advanced/advanced/performance/settings/advanced/virtual memory/change'

click the 'custom size' button and enter the same value for min and max. if you have 256MB of ram for example enter about two and a half times your installed memory in MB in both boxes this will stop windows resizing the swap file in the mean time.

  hugh-265156 23:37 25 Mar 2005


'start/control panel/system/advanced/performance/settings/advanced/virtual memory/change'

  Stuartli 09:52 26 Mar 2005

As huggyg71 rightly points out you can alter the virtual memory (swap file) settings - generally advice is to set both at double your RAM i.e. if you have 256MB physical RAM then change virtual memory to 512MB and 512MB.

Anything entered at more than approximately three times installed physical RAM is not necessary.

Anyone with more than one physical hard drive should find moving the swap file to the non-system drive to allow for concurrent system file and swap file access will prove beneficial.

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