Virtual Memory too low warning: is it meaningful?

  MichaelPaul 10:49 30 Sep 2004

Only over the last two days I have ben receiving the following message when I boot up (Im running XP):

Your virtual memory system is too low. Windows is increasing the size of your paging file blah...blah...blah...

This warning stays on for a while, and appears to effect absolutely no change in my system, since the paging file stays at 384 Mb, the recommended size being 382Mb. Should I ignore the warning, or should I manually increase the size of the file, and if so, to what? ('System Management Control' is activated.)

  Spark6 11:13 30 Sep 2004

The advice from Crucial, the reliable memory suppliers, is to set the maximum and minimum values of virtual memory to one and a half times the value of the installed RAM.

Hope this helps!

  AndySD 11:31 30 Sep 2004

Go Start then Run type in


and click ok.

Go to the Startup tab and then using click here untick any you dont need.

  MichaelPaul 12:37 30 Sep 2004

Firstly, my RAM is 256 Mb, so 384 Mb should be ok
Secondly (I've been here before!), it's certainly possible that there's too much in my start-up menu, but since I've no idea what most of the items in it are I'm reluctant to risk deleting any of them
Any advice on this?

  AndySD 12:42 30 Sep 2004

If you use the list click here and untick (not delete) the entries that say N or X you will be fine.

  MichaelPaul 12:51 30 Sep 2004

AndySD - I'm sorry to appear stupid, but none of the twenty or so entries in the Startup list seems to say N or X anywhere that I can see.

  SANTOS7 12:53 30 Sep 2004

it may well be that you don't have enough memory to start with if you are useing multiple tasks with only 256MB yoursystem resourses are going to be very low

  VoG II 12:55 30 Sep 2004

N or X in the Status column in AndySD's "click here".

  MichaelPaul 16:06 30 Sep 2004

VoG -
Thankyou: the startup list I got earlier was much less comprehensive. Now I can cross-reference from AndySD's list to my own; all I'll need then is to summon the courage to try it...
In any case it's probably true that I need more memory.
Thanks to you all

  MichaelPaul 16:17 30 Sep 2004

My courage was not put to the test: not a single item on AndySD's list corresponded to an item on mine. I think more memory is probably the only answer, so let's leave it there.
Thanks again.

  AndySD 16:23 30 Sep 2004

If nothing is there then try Adaware. click here

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