virtual memory problem???

  skippytibb 14:51 14 Mar 2009

hi can anyone tell me why i keep getting the message "your virtual memory is low windows needs to increase this" i have looked at the free speace on my harddrive it's 80% or free space 58.03 so the hard drive has plenty of space but i keep getting this message. i have looked in the helproom and tried a couple of things but they didnt help any help please thanks

  Graphicool1 15:00 14 Mar 2009

You need to enlarge the size of your “virtual memory/swap file”. So, do the following.

Right click 'My Computer' and choose 'Properties'.
In the 'System Properties' window,
click the 'Advanced' tab.
Under 'Performance',
click 'Settings'.
In the 'Performance Options' window, click 'Advanced'.
Under 'Virtual memory',
click 'Change'.

Increase the size of the 'Paging file' so that it is at least twice the size of your RAM.

  skippytibb 15:31 14 Mar 2009

right ive done that. ive increased it to 1024 is that ok?

  brundle 15:35 14 Mar 2009

Set it to System managed size. The average user doesn't need to tinker with it.

  Graphicool1 15:42 14 Mar 2009

The following is how it reads on my PC

Drive: C:
Space available: 58220 MB
Initial size (MB) 1920
Maximum size (MB) 3840

Minimum allowed: 2 MB
Recommended: 1918
Currently allocated: 1920 MB

I have (1 1/4gig ram)

  skippytibb 13:07 15 Mar 2009

hello ive now set this to "system managed size" there are no numbers in the box's is that right? thank a lot for your help by the way.

  brundle 13:09 15 Mar 2009

Yes, that's right.

  Poitier 13:39 15 Mar 2009

It is worth bearing in mind that virtual memory works at a very small fraction of the speed of RAM.You do not say how much RAM you have but an increase from 512 to 1024 makes a big difference to the performance with XP.

  skippytibb 14:41 18 Mar 2009

hi im back again i thought i had solved my virtual memory prob but the sign has come back "virtual memory low windows has to etc etc" i have put it to managment system but its still not having any of it any more ideas please? thanks

  Poitier 15:36 18 Mar 2009

Note that you have 1 1/4GB RAM.Does your motherboard support that configeration.Mine requires matched pairs.

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