virtual memory change

  kalstras 12:49 24 Nov 2005

I am running winxp with a 33gb harddrive and a 187gb slave, a 1.8gb processor, and 512mb ram. What is the optimum suggestion for virtual memory, or should i let windows decide? I experiance long "hangtime" when running word and excel, and others

  MichelleC 13:01 24 Nov 2005

The paging file is recommended to be roughly 3 times your ram total. Ie; 512 ram = 1500 max paging for each drive.

  kalstras 13:09 24 Nov 2005

does that mean for my smaller drive, (which currently reads 756initial & 1100max, and the other isnt set, any suggestions?

  gudgulf 14:46 24 Nov 2005

If you right click on the taskbar and select Task Manager,then click on the "Performance" tab and look at the group of figures in the Commit Charge(K) box at the bottom left.

Post the figures for Total,Limit and Peak on the forum.

The figures I've asked for represnt.....the current total used memory,the available amount(RAM +virtual) and the maximum amount the pc has needed to use recently.

With these figures we'll be able to see if you need to make any adjustment to your configuration.

  DieSse 15:28 24 Nov 2005

Let Windows decide - it's quite good at it.

There's only one page file - not one for each drive. The page file is *virtual memory* for windows, when it runs out of real RAM - nothing to do with what drives yo have (though it's kept on a drive, of course).

  keewaa 15:34 24 Nov 2005

I suggest it is worth doing a comprehensive defrag as the page file area sometimes needs a defrag:

Turn off the virtual memory by selecting "no paging file"

Restart the PC in safe mode ..either through msconfig or press F8 during boot and select safe mode.

Run disk defragmenter

Reset the virtual memory to recommended:
min 768
max 1536

Restart the PC normally

  kalstras 16:21 24 Nov 2005

commit charge (k)
total 403788
limit 2029896
peak 407656

Thats the thick of it, thanks for helping me

  kalstras 16:24 24 Nov 2005

also, my settings are now atm windows controlled, with a minimum of 2mb, recommended is 756mb and currently allocated at 1510. if these numbers help.

PS i have a large slave drive of 187gb to use if neccessary

  gudgulf 16:50 24 Nov 2005

Thanks kalstras.

Letting Windows manage the virtual memory is normally the best option.

I was wondering just how much RAM your saystem normally uses......which is around 400MB.

Your normal RAM usage is getting close to the 512MB you have installed.

Try running any or all of the programs that cause you problems and have another look at the figures you get.If you find the peak figure climbs to 1000000 (1GB) or higher I suggest you upgrade to 1GB of RAM.That would help your programs work faster.If your pc needs to actually make use of a large amount of virtual memory it will cause your pc to slow down.

The problem with programs these days is that they all seem to want to load at start-up and use more and more RAM in normal usage.For comparisson my pc is using 681300 total with a limit of 4038172 (2GB RAM with a fixed 2GB virtual memory).....Peak at the moment is 1634308(and the highest I've recorded is 2.3GB!!!!

I see defragmenting has already been mentioned,but also check for adware/spyware and a good clearout of junk with ccleaner click here including it's "Issues" registry cleaner will also help speed things up.

  kalstras 19:04 24 Nov 2005

Thanks for your help gudgulf, still trying to resolve the issue, i'm going to the cleaner website and then doing a defrag.
Also working on my beautiful and generous wife for a RAM upgrade, fingers crossed!

  kalstras 19:04 24 Nov 2005

PS my computer wont start in safe mode...

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