Virtual Memory

  kingkenny 12:34 01 Mar 2003

Hello All,

Not the most important posting in the world but can anyone offer advice on ....

I have a 2200+XP AMD, 60Gb HDD, 256Mb DDR mem using windows XP.

I have been playing MOHAA for a while now and recently purchased Spearhead. When playing Spearhead my computer starts to experience problems with the Virtual memory. The game is very jumpy.

Can anyone offer any advice on optimising Virtual memory settings or suggestions as to why this is happening?

Spearhead file seems to be 1186Mb large on drive compared with 3.12Mb for MOHAA. why is this?

  Lozzy 12:39 01 Mar 2003

sounds more like a graphics card issue, if its jumpy then I would say its the FPS (Frames Per Sec) how old is you crad and what type is it?

  cream. 12:56 01 Mar 2003

I agree with Lozzy in it sounds like a graphics card issue.

On the other issue there is no reason not to tweak your virtual memory settings. To do this;

Go to system properties and pick the advanced tab.

Now pick the settings tab on performance and open.

Now pick the advanced tab and at the bottom you should have virtual memory, pick the change tab.

Now half way down is a custom circle, tick in there.

Now put your parameters in that you want. I would suggest that you put 1000mb min and 1000mb max, with the size of your hard disk.

You can of course increase this if you want. I would say up to 1.5 gig min and max.

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