virtual memory???

  stephen1978 11:32 20 Nov 2008

hi can anyone tell me what VIRTUAL MEMORY is plz

i got a message on my computer screen last nite

saying virtual memory low how can i fix this or can someone tell me what to do

thank you :)

  MAJ 11:39 20 Nov 2008

It's part of your hard disk that Windows temporarily uses as memory when your physical memory is getting low for the process that you're using your computer for. You can set it manually or let Windows set it as it requires it. Are you using XP or Vista?

  DieSse 11:47 20 Nov 2008

Did the full message say

"Your system is low on virtual memory. Windows is increasing the size of your virtual memory paging file." ??

In which case you don't need to do anything - Windows has done it for you.

If you only got the first part of the message, then go to the Control Panel,

Double Click on System - Click on the advanced tab - Click the top Setting button (for Performance).

Click the Advanced tab (in the Performance Options window). Click the Change button (for Virtual Memory). Click the option System managed size - then click all the OK buttons to close the various windows.

Now Windows will look after it all for you.

For what Virtual Memory is click here

In simple terms it's space on you hard drive that acts as extra (virtual) RAM, which your system needs to operate correctly.

  splatter 11:54 20 Nov 2008

If your getting to the point of getting low VM warnings it sounds like you may need to increase your RAM.

However, should you need to increase you virtual memory you can do it by:

1. Right Clicking on 'My Computer' and going to properties.

2. In the pane on the left click 'Advance System Settings'

3. You will see a window, make sure you are on the advanced tab. You will see three fieldsets (Performance, User Profiles & Startup and Recovery). In the one for performance click the 'Settings' button.

3. You get another window, goto the advance tab. You will see a fieldset called (tah-dah) 'Virtual Memory' Around there it will say something like 'Total paging file size for all drives: xxxMB' Ideally this should be no bigger than the amount of RAM you have, however should you need to increase it then click on 'Change' and the rest should be pretty self explanatory.

Hope this helps you.

  stephen1978 12:55 20 Nov 2008

using xp m8

  MAJ 13:15 20 Nov 2008

Then you can change it as described above, probably better to set it so Windows does it all for you.

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