virtual memory

  hatchey 15:19 17 Mar 2004

what is virtual memory .when i try to use nero 6,or win ace to open image files,my pc says low on virtual memory.i have a pentium 4 ,2.8ghz.533mhz.512mb ddr-ram

  hugh-265156 15:39 17 Mar 2004

its a part of you hard drive that is used as memory when you are running low on ram.its slower than ram because its on a spinning hard drive.

what operating system and how much ram do you have? click control panel/system to find out if unsure.

ram is reasonably cheap and is easy to upgrade if your motherboard can take more.512 of ram is a decent ammount nowdays if using xp.

if xp try clicking: start/control panel/performance and maintenance/system/advanced/performance/settings/advanced/virtual memory/change

tick the box that says "system managed size" then set and ok.

or click custom size and enter about twice the value of your installed ram in the min and max boxes.set and ok.

  hugh-265156 15:42 17 Mar 2004

oops have 512 already.(cant read):-)

try system managed size or enter around about 766 or 1024 in the both min and max value boxes.

  hatchey 15:43 17 Mar 2004

win xp 512 mb ddr-ram

  hatchey 15:46 17 Mar 2004

its at 768-1536

  hugh-265156 16:37 17 Mar 2004

do you have any errors displayed in control panel/administrative tools/event viewer under the system or application tabs?

is windows all up to date? click here

try updating nero too click here

  hugh-265156 16:38 17 Mar 2004

sorry,also see click here

  hatchey 16:50 17 Mar 2004

yep loads of yellow triangles.loads of red x's to many to count in both system and applictaions

  woodchip 16:54 17 Mar 2004

All the yellows are that you do not have the correct drivers loaded

  woodchip 16:55 17 Mar 2004

Not sure on the red but if you look at them I think you will find there is a problem

  hugh-265156 17:00 17 Mar 2004

if its yellow marks in "device manager" then its woodchip.

but if its yellow in "event viewer" as i asked you to check then its just warning information.

red x is errors,click them for more info.

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