Virtual Box Guest Additions Under Ubuntu

  Squirrel1 12:24 26 May 2008

Can anyone tell me how to install the Virtual Box Guest Addtions...

I am running XP as the host and Ubuntu as the guest.

I have followed all the instructions given in the manual, but cannot install the above. I have mounted the iso file VBOXADDITIONS_1.5.6_28296 and this has appeared of the desktop but I cannot install anything...

  Squirrel1 13:53 26 May 2008

I am wondering why I have decided to try Linux?

I think I might stick with Windows after all Vista isn't that bad after all.

  LastChip 14:35 26 May 2008

I think (but am not certain), you have to burn the iso file to disc and then use the disc to install into Virtual Box.

Caution: many here are under the impression you have to do something with the iso file to burn it. You DO NOT. The iso file is burnt to disc in a very specific way (as is) and your burning program should have clear instructions on how to do this.

  Squirrel1 15:06 26 May 2008

I have spent the last 3 Hours looking on various web sites and fourums, trying various sugestions all to no avail and I think Linux is very user unfrendly. Why would someone want to use Linux when windows is so much easier to use.

I now have to re-install linux again after stuffing the os trying to install VBoxLinuxGuestAdditions. I do not have to do this with windows and I am currently running Win95, 2000,XP and Vista and do not get much problems with them.
I thought I would give Linux a try to see if it is what it is cracked -up to be.

Does someone know of a straight forward way of installing VBoxGuest Addtions so I can enjoy a full screen in Linux.

  LastChip 16:38 26 May 2008

The fact that you can't do something, is more a lack of knowledge, than due to Linux.

Sadly, I'm not familiar with Virtual Box, preferring VMWare Server, but as I said, I think you will have to burn the iso to disc, correctly. Have you done that?

Keep in mind, you are attempting not only to try Linux, but learn about Virtual Box as well. If you expect to do that in an afternoon, I should give up now.

Rather than go this rather complex route, why don't you simply burn one of the live CD's, and run Linux from the CD. Although it will run slowly, it will at least give you an insight into what Linux is all about and give you the opportunity to try it? Furthermore, you can try any of the mainstream distro's in this way.

  Squirrel1 17:04 26 May 2008

I have now managed to install the Additions.

Open terminal:
cd /media/cdrom0
sudo sh ./

And off you go!

Now I need to find out how to make the desktop fill the whole screen.

Any Ideas????

  Squirrel1 21:40 08 May 2010

As can be seen from the above posts, I had problems when trying to run Ubuntu 'Linux' "full screen" within Virtualbox. I know why 'now'the reason it would not work..... Or at least I think I do!

1st attemtp was on a laptop with a 1.73Ghz/1MBL2/533FSB integrated graphics and 1GB ram.

2nd Attempt on custom build using 3GHz Core Duo/6MB L2/1333FSB and 2GB DDR667. Ok I have not installed a seprate graphics card yet, but Ubuntu is running 'full screen' and if you didn,t know you would think it was installed on the 'physical pc'....Ok it is not perfect yet (linux 3d cbube and wobbly windows etc) but this would be down to the limitaions on the onboard graphics and a few remaining configuration issues....

So! The conclusion I can come to is...When running Virtual Machines do so on decent hardware.......You live and learn.....and what a joy it is, otherise life would not be worth living!

Well Sorted!!!!!!!!!!!!Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  LastChip 00:00 09 May 2010

I'm glad you didn't give up - even though it has been a couple of years.

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