virtrual memory

  musiclady 20:35 20 Mar 2003

I need help with my virtual memory setting.What should it?

  powerless 20:37 20 Mar 2003

Whats your operating system?

Virtual memory is best left to windows.

  the lone cloner 20:49 20 Mar 2003

is your problem a warning low virtual memory,are you running xp if so you need to access advanced settings on system and double the size of the vm ie if your memory is 256 set to 512 this will fix that problem.

  goonerbill 20:54 20 Mar 2003

for best settings as read from one of the pc mags is, set min to 2x and max to 5x ya installed memory ie: have 512mb installed set min to 1024 and max to 2560. thats what i have mine set at.

  cream. 21:15 20 Mar 2003

If you are running win 9X eg. 95, 98, M.E.

Then have your min and max set to the same amount. 2 or 2 1/2 times your physical ram is the usual setting. So if you have 256meg of ram installed, set your virtual memory to 512meg or 768meg max.

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If you have x\p and have plenty of space on your hard drive then you could have 1gig min and 1gig max for 256meg of physical ram. If you have more physical ram installed then you can increase this.

I have 256sdram in my x\p machine and have my virtual memory set at 1.25 gig min and max.

If you keep the min and max the same, this stops the hard drive shrinking and expanding when you need the hard drive for additional memory. This in turn will cut down on the fragmentation of files as they are written to the hard drive.

  AndySD 21:28 20 Mar 2003

Go Start and choose RUN type in..


and click OK choose the STARTUP tab

Now click here and untick anything Not Required.

  VoG™ 21:35 20 Mar 2003

Why do you need help with this? What is wrong (if anything)?

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