and Spam

  Brian-336451 09:04 30 May 2003

Conveniently, when I select 'Contact Us' on the website, I get a page error.

The real issue is, how do I get hold of someone influential in the Virgin ISP?

My account is a mature one (over 5 years old) and I am now starting to get spammed out of existence. I'm getting 30 - 40 spams a day, most of which are repetitive.

I run Mailwasher which is good and despite Rules in Outlook, they still get through with their little variations to format. This takes a fair amount of time.

AOL, and other ISPs are advertising that they are (finally) doing something about the problem and I want to ask Virgin when they too, are going to do something about this most irritating aspects of electronic business.

My 'private email' doesn't get spammed at all.

  DodgyDave 20:55 02 Jun 2003

You can change your email address, with virgin, if you want and you can have up to 5 email addresses in total.
I have found that real names and 3 character user names get spamed most, as they can be easily computer generated.
Try something a little more obscure and you should be safe, unless you become careless with your address that is.
Just in case the link in the subject is not displayed correctly....

[email protected]

Regards, Dave

  Brian-336451 03:11 04 Jun 2003

Thanks for the reply.

My problem is not really inventing a name that's unlikely to be spammed - I can do that. But the name I've got works because its so simple and when I give it verbally, to colleagues etc, its easy to remember.

For that facility, it appears I (with THOUSANDS of others) am a prime target for spamming.

Are Virgin going to look at centrally filtering spam? It can obviously be done and we (at this end of the market) don't know the cost to the business of THAT technology.

If I have to change my name, just to 'beat' spammers, then they've won and I will not let the b*st*rds do that to me.

It just gets very tedious sorting emails, although the latest version of Mailwasher Pro does a damn good job. They bounce in a few seconds when the filters are set up correctly.

Anyway, thanks for your response, its appreciated. Were I not on cable, I'd be with Virgin as I have had Sterling service from that ISP for over 5 years. Thanks

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