raymond leslie-295325 15:06 27 Nov 2003

Has anyone any advice about the goings-on at I have had great problems logging on to E mail, and often great delays in getting on to large sites like google. Their phone messages indicate some recent difficulty but I cannot contact anyone there to ask. Anyone else having problems ? Or should I just cancel Virgin and go to BT Internet?

  scotty 15:35 27 Nov 2003

Had real problems Tuesday evening. Read at article at The Register which suggested many ISPs affected by damage to a sub-sea cable between Europe and US. See various threads posted Wednesday.

  brigez 16:16 27 Nov 2003

managed to get into my email ok today and send my mr angry email.......

Been having problems with virgin 24/7 for about a month now. unable to get on some sites and regularly fails while trying to get to my email accounts. sent virgin support an email three times outlining the problem but i only get standard form letter replies. I'm now trying to send another email threatening to cancel my subscription, hopefully that'l get their attention!...... but only if i get connected!!

  Ellie3009 08:59 29 Nov 2003

I, like some other around here have been experiencing severe difficulties with the virgin 24/7 internet service. This has been going on since the summer, but in the last month things have got a little silly, sometimes having to disconnect and reconnect 20 times, or not getting any connection at all. I have emailed virgin support, but, like everyone else here, have received nothing except an automated reply.

What I am looking for, if anyone else out there can help me, is simply some alternative 24/7 dialup numbers to try. I did intend to ring the lo-call number for this, except I dont have a touch-tone phone, so it wont work!!!!!

So basically, anyone out there on virgin 24/7, can you please post here or email me the dialup numbers you use, and any alternatives that you have been given to try ?

Thanks in advance,

  Ellie3009 09:00 29 Nov 2003

oops, sorry, that was mean to be a new thread!

  artist4 14:31 29 Nov 2003

I had almost a month of probs with Virgin 24/7. No joy at all from phone calls - they used to be very helpful. I got 'standard' responses from their emails - finally gave up. Went over to Freeserve - very good, so far. I was with Virgin for 3 years - wonder why they got so sloppy?

  [email protected] E 15:00 29 Nov 2003

been with virgin almost 5 years and had enough. the latest service anouncement is asking users to restrict usage of broadband, me thinks its time to leave for pastures new.

  taffyal 15:23 29 Nov 2003

Using Eudora I can access Yahoo but Not virgin, can also access Hotmail & Incredimail, but have difficulty getting any web sites- taken 10 goes to get this one!! Have emailed numerous times but I have not even had the courtesy of a standard reply. The most pig ignorant company I have ever dealt with!! Has anyone got similar problems with other ISP's? Any reccomendations re NTL? They sound good, but wary of signing up for an year- what if they are as bad as Virgin? ( Or is that possible?)

  raymond leslie-295325 15:38 29 Nov 2003

From Lilliput

I have finally got fed up with Virgin, and joined up with Tiscali; instantly better speed and service. My 5 years with Virgin were reasonably good, but after the last 4/5 months, plus the comments herein, I think I'vedone the right thing. All I have to do now is persuade Virgin not to charge me each month.

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