Virginmedia TV set-top-box fault?

  Number six 22:55 29 Jun 2009

I use Virginmedia as my landline/TV/broadband supplier. I am pleased with the BB service, but not sure if there is a problem with my TV set-top-box. The "red button" functions are painfully slow, sometimes taking up to 20 seconds for each page to load. Worse, the red button stops working altogether every couple of days, and can only be fixed by re-booting the STB. Could any Virginmedia users advise if this is normal behaviour, or is something wrong with the STB?

  Strawballs 04:07 30 Jun 2009

I can't say I noticed it taking that long on my V+ Box phone 150 from landline and follow instructions for fault reporting.

  BT 07:43 30 Jun 2009

Seems to be usual with the VM box. What box do you have, ours is a Samsung which is much better than the Pace one we had originally. The main fault we have is that the Programme guide frequently doesn't update and we have to reboot to get it back. It will come back but only when they do the daily updates, but if it doesn't come in we have to reboot. We sometimes have slow times when using the Iplayer on the Red Button but if we go the alternative route via the Virgin On Demand its usually OK.

  Andsome 08:05 30 Jun 2009

For heavens sake telephone 151 or 150. IT IS FREE.

  birdface 08:24 30 Jun 2009

Or just switch it off at the mains plug for a minute and then switch it back on and give it time to update before using and see if that helps.
And like Andsome says give them a ring its free.

  Andsome 09:10 30 Jun 2009

On more than one occasion in the past when we have had a minor problem, it has been corrected by them sending a signal down the phone line. What is more, unlike Sky, if the box is faulty, no matter how old it is it will be replaced F.O.C.

  Number six 22:11 01 Jul 2009

Hi all, and thanks for replies. BT: I agree the Pace boxes were hopeless, had 2 fail in a couple of weeks, now have Samsung box. Have also posted on a Virginmedia forum and 20 seconds to load pages is apparently quite normal. I will certainly get an engineer round if the need for regular rebooting gets any worse. Will tick resolved. Thanks again everyone.

  BT 07:37 02 Jul 2009

There's quite a good VM forum here...
click here

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