Virginmedia superhub frequency

  frybluff 22:51 24 Mar 2012

As I understand it, the superhub is dual band, and can operate at either 2.4GHz OR 5Ghz, but not both together.

A couple of days ago, I had a problem with the wi-fi on my Dell laptop continually cycling in and out. Dell support did a remote access fix (from India). In doing so, the tech guy accessed the router, and said he'd solved the problem. Certainly my laptop's wi-fi was working again.

That was fine, until this morning, when I tried to print a letter, and found my Canon MP640 printer wouldn't work. I tried everything I could think of, including a full, fresh instal. The printer will not "connect" to the router.

I suspect that the "man from Dell" has switched frequencies (laptop also has dual band), without telling me. Presumably, my printer won't run with 5GHz.

One thing I do note is that the bottom (of three) lights on my superhub, I think, used to be GREEN, but is now BLUE. I don't know if that is significant.

Does anyone know how I can actually check the wi-fi frequency, before I scream at Dell for changing it, without asking me (if that's what they've done)?

Many thanks.

  robin_x 23:02 24 Mar 2012

Download Inssider and have a look.

Post back with screenshots if unsure.

  robin_x 23:03 24 Mar 2012

Printers can have other problems too. I recently found out my sharing had got switched off.

Also you can try restarting the spooler.

  frybluff 11:24 25 Mar 2012

Just bought a USB cable for printer (lost original, as never used). Connected via USB, printer works perfectly. However, it's now in very awkward location, so need to get wireless back.

I am reasonably confident that issue has been caused by Dell changing my frequency, but don't know how to check what frequency I'm now on. I know it was, originally, 2.4GHz. If I'm wrong, I don't want to complain to Dell, as they are normally very helpful.

  frybluff 15:56 30 Mar 2012

Had a man at Dell. Yes, they had changed router frequency to 5GHz. Put it back to 2.4GHz, now all fine again. Wish they'd told me they were changing it, in first place, then I could have told them printer wouldn't work on 5!

  Strawballs 17:15 30 Mar 2012

You could try here Virgin help forum

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