allanon 16:53 15 Dec 2008

I have a broadband connection to my desktop PC. For Xmas I have bought a Laptop for my daughter.I have just received a wireless router from the Virgin and intended to try and share the broadband with the Laptop. I note that this is a simple "plug and use" system although after 5 hrs of trying I don't think so!. I have spent about an hour on the phone to Virgin and they appear stumped. Basically although there appears to be a network (which I set up) the Laptop attempts to connect but continually fails. The Laptop is brand new and has wifi, and the router appears to be working ie the relevant lights are lit.However still no connection, this is even when the Laptop is adjacent to the router. My desktop PC was disconnected from the modem and the router whilst trying to get the Laptop working, as I thought that this may effect it.The procedure set out in the installation guide has been followed to the letter numerous times. I was wondering if it were possible to uninstall the network which I created and start all over again?.All ideas gratefully received as the Laptop is a Xmas present and I'm worried about the same not working for Xmas.

  brundle 18:28 15 Dec 2008

Router make and model, version of Windows on laptop and desktop, any anti-virus/internet suite software or third-party firewall installed on either/both systems? Is the desktop connected with a cable? Leave it connected if so, at all times. It won't prevent the laptop connection, except for a specific set of circumstances and that can be remedied.

When you say `created a network` - do you mean in Windows Vista Network & Sharing centre?

  CLONNEN 19:22 15 Dec 2008

Have you logged into the router and actually entered the Wireless settings, given it a SSID name and a WPA/WEP passphrase?

From computer connected to router via ethernet cable go to web browser and enter the router address. Usually http: // (without the space) - should be a PDF manual on your setup cdrom which tells you the address and the login username and password.

Somewhere will be a section called Wireless. After you have entered the details and Saved them Logout of the router and then shut down the router for a few minutes and then switch it back on (if you don't Reboot the wireless settings won't take effect and you won't be able to connect wirelessly).

  CLONNEN 19:27 15 Dec 2008

If you are unsure about wireless settings try this :

click here

It gives quite a good explanation of setting up wireless and how to connect to it.

  brundle 19:54 15 Dec 2008

No need to reboot a router to apply wireless settings.

  allanon 21:55 15 Dec 2008

Thanks for all your responses. A friend came round and determined that the fault was with the router, he brought another one and it connected fine no problems at all.

  CLONNEN 11:05 16 Dec 2008

On both my wireless routers I HAD to do a reboot before my computers could connect to it for the very first time.

Wired connections work first time without reboot.

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