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  jz 20:18 20 May 2004

I keep getting an error when I attempt to use the Virgin Trains website to buy tickets. I enter the train times, etc, then a webpage comes up saying wait a bit, then this webpage changes to a message saying that there's an unexpected error. This page is from the Virgin website, not an IE error page. I've tried it over the last 3 days, but no luck I don't get this problem on my PC at Work (I've tried it here over the last few days too), only on my home PC.I didn't have a problem until around 2 weeks ago with this page. I've deleted temporary internet file and cookies, and set security to low, but it didn't help.

I'm not expecting anyone to work out what the problem is, but wondered if anyone has any tips on fiddling with the IE settings that might make the problem go away.

I have AVG anti-virus and use the XP firewall. I have Windows XP and am up-to-date with patches. I have NTL broadband, with no router.

  johnnyrocker 20:23 20 May 2004

disable pop up/under in za settings or indeed a seperate pop up stopper if you have one.


  accord 20:33 20 May 2004

what a difficult website to use, i cant even find out a simple price from london to manchester. click here im taking the car !!!!

  jz 17:28 21 May 2004

Thanks for your replies everyone, and sorry about my late response.

accord: I agree with you about the website being difficult to use, but I now know how to find my way around it. I don't fancy driving from Bournemouth to Edinburgh and back again, and the price of a 14-day advance return is only something like £40 if I remember correctly. I think a London to Manchester return (Virgin Value 14 day advance ticket) is something like £24 return, if you every do manage to work the website out.

johnnyrocker: I don't have za, but your reply jogged my memory - I have the Google toolbar with the pop-up blocker enabled. Unfortunately, disabling it didn't help. Maybe I will have to uninstall and re-install IE6.

  bitstream 17:44 21 May 2004

Use click here It's much more friendly

  Stuartli 17:45 21 May 2004

There are numerous timetable and fares websites on the Net to browse or buy!

click here

  keith-236785 01:00 22 May 2004

just for reference,'s fare for bournemouth to edingburgh going on the 1st of june, returning on the 15th june is £91 per person. (don't know your exact dates, different dates may make a difference to the price)

for two adults it is £182, for two adults and one child aged between 5 and 15 it would be £227.50

  Stuartli 09:07 22 May 2004

My daughter had to go from near Liverpool to Derby last year and used one of these websites to find out about the train services (I think it was

It came up with four possibilities over the course of a morning as requested.

At least one of the routes was via Manchester and Sheffield and all had times of trains, change at details and fare costs.

Every one of the routes served up by the website proved to be absolutely correct as regards details.

  Mike D 09:31 22 May 2004

I had similar difficulties with Virgin's site. It turned out to be their way of telling me that I was trying to book too far in advance.

For the record this week I traveled first class return Wolverhampton to Euston for £42 - not bad IMHO.


  jz 11:18 22 May 2004


Wow, what great responses! Thanks everyone, I'll try these other websites.

paperman27: I go with Virgin Value 14 day advance tickets which are much lower priced than normal returns.

Mike D: I know that booking too far in advance doesn't work, but mine unfortunately is a different problem - it doesn't matter what date I put in, I always get the same error message. I don't get this at work. I booked my tickets using the internet at work this time (we are allowed to use the internet out-of-hours and at lunch times for this sort of thing) but it would be nice to be able to book from my home PC.

I do sometimes wonder about the security of entering my credit card details at work since it goes throught their network. Well, don't answer this one in this thread, I'm about to ask the question in a new thread.

Thanks again everyone...

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