virgin super hub getting terrible upload and download speeds

  RossCairns2 13:45 10 May 2015

hey guys, so virgin state that the super hub is capable of 150mb speeds, I am receiving no where near that. I have run tests over the last couple of days on a variety of sites, mostly ookla, and on average my download speed is a measly 20mb and my upload a horrific 1mb when a friend of mine receives 5 times that amount. Surely there is a problem?

  alanrwood 13:47 10 May 2015

Have you spoken to Virgin about it. That would seem to be the sensible thing to do initially.

  RossCairns2 13:54 10 May 2015

I was more hoping that there would be some kind of fix that I could do before taking that step but I will if need be

  wee eddie 15:24 10 May 2015

The Hub may have nothing to do with the speed you are getting. What is coming down the line is usually the Governing Factor.

Get Virgin to test your line and give you an estimate of the speed that you should be getting

  BT 07:58 11 May 2015

When using Ookla have you tried testing on a different server. Here in Norwich there are 2 servers and I get my paid for 60mB (or near) on one of them and around 20mB or less on the other one.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:18 11 May 2015

"virgin state that the super hub is capable of 150mb speeds,"

Yes, that's correct but are you paying for the "up to 150Mbps" package? If you're on the "up to 50Mbps" deal then you'll obviously get much lower speeds.

" .....a friend of mine receives 5 times that amount."

Does he live in the same street as you? If he doesn't then he may be closer to the Virgin cabinet and there may be less Virgin subscribers in his area. There are lots of variables that determine broadband speeds and I wouldn't class your speeds as "measly" and "horrific" - unless of course you're paying for the most expensive super-fast service.

Click here, enter your postcode, and if there are any other Virgin users in your immediate area, you can see what speeds they're getting.

By the way, the Virgin router's wireless performance is notoriously poor so you should always do a speed test using a cable connection to the back of the router.

Don't forget to return with some feedback.

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