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  bjh 17:35 23 Mar 2011

Virgin Email is going through one of it's regular chaotic periods, and dozens of "inactive" accounts are being deleted... including some, like mine, that are active!
I can no longer gain access by logging in online. I can still gain access via a POP server (Live Mail/ Outlook/Outlook Express). There are over 1700 messages - all read, but stored online.
Telephone help is.... unhelpful, to say the least.

I can't find a way to make a pop server trigger downloads of all mail - including the read mails, and can't gain access online to "mark all mail unread" or "force pop to download read messages". I can "see" all the mail using click here, but can't mark it unread...

Any way I can force a pop mail handler to download EVERYTHING - read or not??

  bjh 18:08 23 Mar 2011

I think I'm getting somewhere... setting up IMAP...

  Woolwell 18:16 23 Mar 2011

IMAP keeps all messages on the server but you can a download a copy of them on to any system from which you set up an account eg desktop, laptop, tablet and/or smartphone.

  bjh 18:32 23 Mar 2011

Thanks - that's what I'm doing at the moment. I've got IMAP access - now I just need to work out how to download all messages so they are available offline as well - or forward the ones I want elsewhere.

I do seem to be getting there, though. Just not sure where there is!

  bjh 18:38 23 Mar 2011

I'm just moving messages from the IMAP folder to a non IMAP folder - automatically saves them that way. Clunky, but it works!

  Woolwell 18:44 23 Mar 2011

It should not be necessary to move them. They remain viewable on your system in whatever folder. However on my own desktop I archive old e-mails off to a dedicated folder and then delete (purge) them from the server. You may find that if there is a low limit of on-line storage that you run out of room especially if you have any large attachments. I don't think that is a problem with Virgin though.

  bjh 18:59 23 Mar 2011

No, but what is a problem is that Virgin are busy deleting the accounts off their server. They've confused a number of active and inactive accounts, and I'm getting them somewhere safer before they delete those accounts.

In my case, it comes from the fact that I've got multiple broadband accounts at more than one address. They've marked some email accounts as inactive, decided to delete them, and not informed the users. It looks like many old NTL accounts, accounts and some others are affected.

  bjh 19:23 23 Mar 2011

OK, think that's sorted. I've copied the more important messages to safe files.

Thanks to Woolwell for his input.

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