Virgin needs some wireless advice

  The_Sicknote 23:03 02 Nov 2008

HI all first post here so be nice.

OK I have a normal desktop PC with XP SP3 and all Windows updates on it, that is then connected via ethernet cable to router, no problems there.

However now this is where i start to need help, I want to be able to connect my Dell Latitude D520 to the router wirelessly (is there such a word) so i can surf the web from the laptop all over the flat, PLUS on top of that I'd also like to be able to use the laptop to access and amend files on the main PC for example edit id tags in Tag&Rename and move files around from one drive to another (all on main PC if you get my drift).

Laptop does have built in wireless (just not turned on yet, or drivers installed) so where do i need to go from here? Any new hardware needed?

How do i set up wireless internet as well as wireless access from my laptop to the main PC, i think on this bit I'll need a USB wireless dongle thingy but not 100% and as for standard (802.11 WHATEVER).

My router is a SpeedTouch 780WL, comes from my ISP Be*

Do you need any more info from me? and help or links to tutorial's would be very welcome, many thanks.

  ambra4 00:06 03 Nov 2008

Take a read at these sites

Wireless Network 4 steps to set up your home wireless network

click here

Set up a wireless network

click here

There is no need to buy a USB wireless adapter if the is a build in wireless card

Dell Support to download driver for the wireless card

click here=

How to set up a home network

click here

  Pineman100 17:48 04 Nov 2008

Yes, if you want to create a wireless link from your desktop to your router, then you'll need a wireless adaptor for the computer (assuming it hasn't already got this function built in).

You can get a wireless PCI card - something like this: click here

Or, if you don't want to open up your computer to install a card, you can get a USB adaptor like this: click here

Don't disconnect the ethernet cable between your PC and your router until you've been into the router's control panel and switched on and set up your wireless function (including security encryption).

  Ashrich 22:49 04 Nov 2008

If you are happy with where you have your main PC placed there is no reason to add wireless capabilities as the Dell d520 will be able to connect to it for file sharing via the wireless router , no other kit is needed as your modem/router is wireless and so is your laptop . I assume that Be* has provided you with the router already broadcasting it's SSID and your Dell laptop probably has wireless built in ( and the drivers ) so turn it on and do a scan for wireless networks , find yours and connect to it using the supplied network key ( XP asks for the network key twice ) .

Get the laptop connected first , then we can go through getting them to talk to each other .


  The_Sicknote 16:59 05 Nov 2008

Thanks guys, yes I'm happy where main PC is and as i say that is connected to router via ethernet so no problems there, when i turn on the wireless side of things via the router is does broadcast it's SSID which is "BeBox" right now but i know i will have to change this soon as well as password etc as it's just factory setting at the moment.

I will play with it tonight and get laptop connected to the router (wirelessly) and post back when that is done.

So if i understand you right Ashrich I don't need to bother with another hardware purchase to allow laptop to edit and move files on main PC as this will all be done via router that is hard wired to main PC, I have to say security is an issue for me I know nothing is 100% but I'd like to make things as safe as possible, anyhow will post back when they are talking to each other.

  Ashrich 20:15 05 Nov 2008

That's right , you have everything you need right there ! Use WPA security ( or even WPA2 if your adapter supports it ) for the laptop and you'll be as secure as you'll ever be , that would keep out all but the most professional hacker and for the work that would be needed to hack your PC he or she would want a much bigger prize .


  The_Sicknote 05:12 06 Nov 2008

Just an update was able to connect laptop to router and surf the web wirelessly (that word again) but when i tried to tighten security using someone else's suggestion it didn't work, so i'll go down that route again today but instead of doing everything oin one go i'll go step by step that way i'll know the problem is.

  The_Sicknote 21:27 08 Nov 2008

OK very sorry for delay in getting back to you all with an update, first of many thanks to the 2 of you who replied via email to my PM info given in both emails was very useful I have done most of what that site said, changing username ssid id WPA2 etc and now i have a wireless connection that i'm fairly happy with so i guess i can move on from that.
So now i have a PC that is still connected to router via wired route and a laptop that can connect to the internet via the wireless router (when wireless is turned on, leave it turned off most of the time for security reason, yep I'm paranoid)

All i think i need to do is to allow laptop to access files on main pc, this will be to play audio files on there also edit mp3's etc and it would be nice if main PC could also access laptops hard drives as well but this is not vital just very handy if it can be done, so can anyone shed some light on this route for me? Before i do any work on laptop or main PC I always take an image so if i screw up i can just go back on that old image.

  Ashrich 23:44 08 Nov 2008

Run the Network wizard on both machines , put them in the same group ( XP defaults to MSHOME ) don't worry about transferring the settings , just run it on them both . Go in to Windows Explorer and right click on the folders that you wish to share and select " Sharing and security " tick the box " Share this folder on the network " and also " Allow network users to change my files " . Do this for all folders you wish to share on both PC's .

Having done that , ( file and print sharing will have been enabled by the Wizard ) click on " My Networks " on the desktop and see if both can see each other , and that you can drag and drop files to one another , if that is Ok , the next step will be printer sharing .

Your paranoia , while understandable , is a little misplaced as WPA2 would require a small bank of supercomputers to decrypt !! My wireless network has been up and running 24/7 for years with no problems at all, but hey , you do what you feel comfortable with .


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