virgin modem & netgear router(DSL routing problem)

  minimayhem 14:35 22 Oct 2008

hello all,

very odd problem for you today;

i have a friend whom has a virgin modem, and a supplied netgear router. i also have one of these, and was able to very easily get the thing working, obviously you just plug the modem connection into the dsl router and it works hey presto; i actually had to repeat this when the netgear router fried itself, no problems.
however, at my friends house, we cannot get the thing to work. the netgear router displays that its got an internet connection (no tick for confirmation though), although we cannot connect to the internet, through wired or wireless.
here is the wierd part, i can connect directly to the modem, and have internet. we have tried 3 routers, and 2 supplied modems, as virgin stupidly sent 2 by mistake when we made the order.
i have also checked the configuration against my router, everything is exactly the same.

router in question is netgear wireless-g router (wgr614 v9)

i appreciate any help you can provide, and can provide more details if needed.



  setecio 16:13 22 Oct 2008

If I understand correctly, the other 2 routers work fine. In that case I suggest that you take the router in question home and try it on yours to rule out wasting time on a useless brick if it is broken.

  minimayhem 16:44 22 Oct 2008

thanks for the reply mate,

im sorry i forgot to mention that has already been tried, plugged it in and it worked straight away!
im possibly thinking that the router isnt properly connecting to the modem, i have swapped over the cat-5 cables, which didnt solve the problem.



  setecio 17:05 22 Oct 2008

and have you completely reset the router using a pin or paperclip.

Order :
1) Reset router
2) Turn everything off
3) Plug in router to modem via ethernet
4) Power on modem and wait for it to settle
5) Power on router and wait for it to settle
6) Power on computer

  setecio 17:08 22 Oct 2008

Oh yes and make sure you are using the correct Virgin modem and that it is working fully before doing the above as Virgin use the modem MAC address to allow connections.

  minimayhem 17:33 22 Oct 2008


i have followed the above steps you have provided, which im afraid did not solve the issue.
virgin cant even help me, as their having issues of their own, apparantly their servers have gone down, so they cannot even communicate with the support line. aha.
regardless to say, if im on virgin at the moment and have internet connection.
I tell you what is wierd, the router itself displays an internet connection, you can even see it sending and recieving packets when looking at the transaction logs, but for some reason, when connected to that modem, it doesnt distribute the internet across WLAN or LAN. have tried with another modem, which doesnt resolve the issue.



  minimayhem 18:23 22 Oct 2008

modem is connected directly to the computer through a ethernet cat-5 cable, it doesnt have the ability to be connected via USB

  setecio 18:40 22 Oct 2008

well if you have hardware reset it and it still doesn't work then I would think it is a faulty one

  setecio 18:42 22 Oct 2008

Since VM supplied it, resolve it via the virgin media help line as they will replace it if they can't sort it out on the phone with you.

  minimayhem 19:47 22 Oct 2008

we have tried the additional modem which was supplied, with the same result, can get direct connection to the internet when connecting directly to the computer from the modem. Beta, i will try those steps posted and see if it works. are there any other steps which you could recommend?

i will test this out tomorrow and let you know!

  minimayhem 14:12 24 Oct 2008


problem has been resolved. issue was that virgin had a nationwide outage when i was trying to get the router working, plugged it in and problem was solved.
sorry for wasting your time, and thanks for you help,

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