Virgin Media Security - Location?

  compumac 21:13 16 Aug 2010

Friend has just had installed Virgin Broadband Media. Question:- Virgin Media Security comes with the installation, but where is it? Cannot be located on PC.

  Woolwell 21:17 16 Aug 2010

it doesn't come with the hardware and installation. Your friend has to log on to Virgin Media and then set up/download Virgin Media Security.

There's plenty of help about it on the Virgin site.

It replaces any other anti-virus.

  compumac 21:27 16 Aug 2010

Do you know of any conflicts using Virgin Media Security with other software?

  compumac 22:27 16 Aug 2010

It would appear that the PC is a brand new one and has a 30 day trial of Norton Internet Security 2010 provided on the PC but not yet activated. He also has a copy of Norton 360 V4 on CD. I myself used to use Norton some years ago and am perhaps biased against it. Question:- Should he - 1) Activate Norton Internet Security 2010 2) install Norton 360 or 3) install Virgin Media Security? I am not familar with these specific applications and am unable to advise him as to the correct choice.

  Woolwell 23:14 16 Aug 2010

You should not run 2 anti-virus programs on the same system
Norton is a good program nowadays. It was poor but has improved enormously and is now one of the top security programs.
Virgin Security is based on Kaspersky and therefore should be a sound suite too.
It's offered free.

He has a choice a. activate the trial and probably pay (probably worst option). b Uninstall the trial and put on Norton 360 or put on Virgin Media.

  birdface 23:47 16 Aug 2010

I am not a fan of Virgin Media Security.
MSE.Malwarebytes and Superantispyware should work better.

  Woolwell 23:59 16 Aug 2010

What is your evidence?

Many reviews put Kasperksy near the top. If Virgin media Scurity is based on Kasperksy then it should be good and its free like MSE. Supplement it with Malwarebytes and Superanti-spyware by all means.
The advantage of Virgin Security is that it has a firewall and adblocker.

I don't use it myself as I have an internet suite provide free with on-lone banking.

  birdface 00:23 17 Aug 2010

Well it nearly recked my computer when I first used it.
I have been with Ntl Virginmedia for about 7 years and I would not dream of putting it back on my computer.
In saying that Like Norton maybe it has improved a great deal since then.
It used to be a nightmare trying to remove it not sure if it is still the same

  compumac 09:39 17 Aug 2010

That is the problem, that I had enormous problems with Norton in the past, the same as you with Virgin Media and as I said, I am biased. I accept that contributors now say that the latest editions of Norton are not power mad as they were. Emsis Antimalware (paid for)is available to him as well as his final choice of firewall and/or antivirus.
Any further thoughts would be most welcome.

  birdface 10:23 17 Aug 2010

Emisoft Anti-Malware.Does he get that free with the rest of the security or does he have to pay for it.
One of the best security programs going in my opinion but a few folk out there don't like it.
If he is going to use it make sure he does not delete anything and just to quarantine it as it does throw up a few False positives but will reinstall them again at the next update.

  compumac 10:32 17 Aug 2010

He will be purchasing Emsis Anti-Malware following my recommendation, as I have been using it for quite some time now after reading comments on this forum.

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