Virgin Media re-connection

  sithee57 14:13 26 Nov 2007

Hi all

I'm about to carry out a clean hard disk re-install of win xp. (tried all other routes to avoid it but now find it necessary)

My problem is (being a tight fisted Yorkshireman) how do I re connect to my ISP (Virgin Media broadband) without having to use their premium phone line to seek advice.

I have both the cable modem disk and the old Blueyonder (as it was then) installation disk.

Would I install as any other program using the disks ?

Or have they updated things so much that my disks would be useless now ?

If anyones reinstalled Virgin recently I'd appreciate their advice.



  birdface 14:30 26 Nov 2007

I believe if you are using an ethernet connection.It should connect automatically.I don't know if this is of any here

  birdface 14:31 26 Nov 2007

I believe if you are using an ethernet connection.It should connect automatically.I don't know if this is of any here

  birdface 14:32 26 Nov 2007

Sorry about the double up.Having problems with IE7 or Modem.

  Rose 14:40 26 Nov 2007

Just leave your ethernet cable connected to PC at one end and cable modem at the other and your PC will pick up the connection. No more to it! Good luck with with the clean install.

  Wrinkles 14:48 26 Nov 2007

I agree with Rose. I have done this several times with my (Blueyonder)Virgin connection. When you do your reinstall leave the modem on and connected and the connection will re-establish itself. You do not need to load any software. If it doesn't connect 1st time, power off everything then boot in sequence, 1st Modem, once all lights are steady, boot router if you have one, then the pc all should be well.

  sithee57 14:55 26 Nov 2007


Much obliged for the response for my earlier query. Thanks to buteman (I've made a copy of the directions via the link which you suggested) and also my thanks to Rose for your response and the good luck wishes re my upcoming clean install.

My cable broadband modem is actually connected with a USB cable but there is an ethernet cable in the box which was left me after installation a couple years ago. After reading that the ethernet is a better bet for a connection can I just simply change the cable without affecting any settings ?



  sithee57 15:01 26 Nov 2007

Thanks Wrinkles. I must admit I do now feel a mite easier about reinstalling. Having done a few reinstalls when using Win 98 I havent yet tackled one with XP and the internet connection was my main worry.


  Wrinkles 15:11 26 Nov 2007

Re the Ethernet or Cat5 cable I would use that for your initial set up as the USB may well need a driver. The Cat5 cable won't and is a better bet for a good connection. I personally ditched the USB connection years ago.

  Arnie 16:26 26 Nov 2007

If you get stuck, there's plenty of help here at Virgin Media.

click here

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