Virgin Media Persuasion

  David-292376 18:24 30 Aug 2007

I am going onto Sky Broadband 16MB, and today I phoned up Virgin media to cancel my 4 MB account. The lady said I will only get 2mb download speed. I live 795 metres from the exchange in a straight line. I thought I should get a higher speed than that.
Is she trying to persuade me to stop with them?

  johnnyrocker 18:31 30 Aug 2007

closeness physically does not have much bearing actually, it is more a case of the length of the cable run to your house which i doubt will be a straight line.


  birdface 23:58 30 Aug 2007

Even if you only get half the speed that Sky promises It will still be twice the speed that you are getting from Virgin and £10 a month cheaper.Go for it.And the best of luck. Remember you need a BT phone line.

  Dipso 12:26 31 Aug 2007

After dealing with Virgin I have come to the conclusion they will tell you anything to get you to sign-up/stay with them. If you don't already have a BT line the lady has no way of telling what speed you will get.

As johnnrocker says the cable to the exchange won't be in a straight line so in reality could be up to twice as long as straight line distance but even then you will get much more than 4 Meg.

I agree, ignore Virgin and go for it!

  David-292376 22:12 03 Sep 2007

I went against the ladies wish and installed Sky Broadband, and now I am downloading at 12MB.
(Super Fast)
I am glad I left Virgin media

  Dipso 06:57 04 Sep 2007

They shouldn't be able to get away with these false claims...nice speed!

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