Virgin media & Netgear WPN111 Adapter problem

  john4884 09:43 19 Dec 2008

Hi All

My computer is Windows XP. My IPS is Virgin Median(NTL)and I have a Netgear router and WPN111 adapter.

I installed the software update for IE7 from the Windows update site and also installed an update for the adapter from the same website.

Now I have no internet access on my computer. The router appears to be working as my son can access the internet on his PS3.

Can anybody give me any advice?

  Zaphod 3 10:39 19 Dec 2008

My father had this yesterday, he is on Tiscali though. He had downloaded the update then lost his internet access.

I talked him through removing the update and then downloading it again in case it was corrupt, the long and short of it is his pc is now working.

  john4884 12:48 19 Dec 2008

Hi Zaphod 3.

Could you give me some details on how to remove the update? Did uninstall & re- install the adapter?

Any help would be appreciated.


  Zaphod 3 04:01 20 Dec 2008

Sorry I'm on the night shift at the moment, so here goes.

Control panel/add remove programmes, place a tick in the show updates box. When it has refreshed itself scroll down to windows internet explorer all the updates are in date order I cannot remember the number off hand but it should be the only one this week. Click the update concerned and uninstall it from there. You'll have to restart when it has the autoupdate icon will show very quickly, all you have to do is try again. Hope this help I'll beback at work at 19:00 tonight probably not online at home today as I'll be in bed.

  john4884 17:58 20 Dec 2008

Zaphod 3
Thanks for your help. Did try as you suggested didn't work.

Have re-installed adapter and downloaded the update separately.

Will let you know in a day or so if problem has finally been resolved.

Thanks again.

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