Virgin Media Modem needs restarting

  chrisbenwalker 20:48 18 Feb 2008

I have recently developed a problem with my Virgin Media cable modem needing to be restarted every day or so.
For example, I can be downloading something overnight, only to get up in the morning to find that the modem has stopped working and all connection has been lost, and it needs unplugging and restarting before a connection can be re-established.
I don't know whether it could be something to do with a simple setting that needs changing, or a faulty modem?
Any ideas anyone, or anyone experienced a similar problem? I have Googled it to no avail....

  martjc 20:58 18 Feb 2008 are liable to be capped down to 1Mb download speed. This applies if you download a lot of large files.

The other option may be that the modem is suffering from heat. You didn't say which one you have. You may need to interrogate the modem's setup pages to check the frequencies. These should be supplied by VirginMedia, together with the method off correcting them.

If this is the problem and they continue to got out of synch, you may need a new modem.

  chrisbenwalker 21:04 18 Feb 2008

The modem is model number E08C007, maybe its a call to Virgin Media then to see what they say.

Yes I'm starting to download before midnight, not sure if it is overheating, the modem always works straight after a restart without leaving it to cool down.....

  martjc 21:06 18 Feb 2008

...In your browser address bar type

On the signal tab, check the frequencies

Downstream freq should be locked at 331,000,000 or 339,000,000

You can reset this at the bottom of the screen. But, if it keeps on happening get on to them and demand they send a line runner hit. This is a signal they send to the modem to refresh it. If it does not work, get them to change the modem.

  martjc 21:12 18 Feb 2008 bottom of screen.

  chrisbenwalker 21:14 18 Feb 2008

It is locked at 586750000.
No option as far as I can see to re-set it....

  martjc 21:33 18 Feb 2008

...Have never seen freqs like these!!! Get on to VM. Tell them these freqs. They should try the linerunner while you're online. If it fails again after that, the modem is knkrd! Get a new 'un.

  setecio 21:47 18 Feb 2008

is the address of the cable modem ?

What username and password do you use, or do you just use the virgin username & password ?

  chrisbenwalker 21:53 18 Feb 2008

I just used the default password....

I may be a bit closer to finding the root of the problem. After searching again on the Virgin Media website, there is apparently a known issue with the Belkin wireless Router model F5D7230-4 (which I failed to mention, I am using)

It gives a link to a 'fix' click here but when I try to download the file, once complete the PC says I am trying to open a .bin file, and is asking for a program to open it...which I cant seem to do.

  chrisbenwalker 22:05 18 Feb 2008

I have figured it out, should have read on further before posting I guess....
I have now successfully upgrdaded the firmware, and I'll keep it running tonight to see if it disconnects...
Fingers crossed it wont. I'll post back with an update when I have one.
Thanks all for the help.

  martjc 09:24 19 Feb 2008


...and yes!

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