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  LABMAN 19:44 30 Mar 2008

Hi Folks,

I'm having problems with constantly losing my Virgin Media broadband connection.

When it goes if I unplug the modem for a few minutes to allow it to reset it's fine for anything from a few minutes to a few hours, usually the majority of the time it's in the minutes.

What I'm looking for is the address to log onto a Webstar cable modem model DPX 100 and details of what the internal addresses and ranges should be, I had this problem in the past and the lady I spoke to on the help line gave me them but I can't seem to find them.

I've been on to there help line and the gent I spoke to was ready to dismiss me as he said it was a software problem and something on the PC was blocking my access, when I reminded him reseting the modem let me back on and if it was software that wouldn't work he chaged his mind and is going to send out a new modem, but for the life of me I couldn't convince him to give me these details to reset the modem.

So if any one can help I'd much appreciate it as rebooting this modem every so often for the next 3 or 4 days til this new modem arrives does not appeal to me, that and my son and wife are getting annoyed they can't on the internet and taking it out on me.....

  brundle 19:50 30 Mar 2008

  LABMAN 20:02 30 Mar 2008

Thank You brundle,

This is details I'm getting and I'm sure the downstream frequency is wrong compared to the figures I got the last time.

Downstream Channel
The data shown in the table below provides information about the signal coming from the network to your cable modem.

Downstream Status
Channel ID
Downstream Frequency
331250000 Hz
Bit Rate
4096000 bps
Power Level
6.03 dBmV
Signal to Noise Ratio
32 dB

Upstream Channel
The data shown in the table below provides information about the signal being transmitted to the network from your cable modem.

Upstream Status
Channel ID
Upstream Frequency
22200000 Hz
Bit Rate
384000 bps
Power Level
36.00 dBmV

Problem is I still can't find the details, it's just such a hassle going back on the phone to the help line again.

By the way my internrt connection lasted from just before I posted to just after I got you message brundle....

  birdface 08:22 31 Mar 2008

Hi.I used to have the same sort of problem as you.Forever switching the Modem of and on.After 3 months of it I demanded an engineer out to fix it.The engineer was on my computer for about 10 seconds then went outside to the little NTL box on the wall and changed the filter and have had no problems since.Another problem I used to have was the DNS Cache.Try going into network Connections in Control Panel.Right click local area connection and press repair.See if it comes up with a DNS problem.If so go into command prompt and type. ipconfig /flushdns leave a little gap between ipconfig and the forward slash or it will not work.It should tell you if DNS cache has been flushed or not.I think you have to reboot the computer for it to take effect.

  pj123 15:36 31 Mar 2008

I too had similar problems.

The Virgin Engineer came and had a look. Then went out to his van and came back with another modem.

Took the old one off and put the new (later version) on.

Not had any problems since.

Now been told by Virgin that they are upgrading me to "up to 10mb" free.

Hasn't happened yet but they say "over the Summer months".

We'll see.

  LABMAN 00:25 02 Apr 2008

Hi Buteman and pj123,

Thanks for the input my new modem arrived Tuesday by courier and problem is solved.

  tuyre 01:35 28 Apr 2008


I know your fix was to get Virgin to send you a replacement modem, but that was not a true resolution, but rather a cop-out on Virgin's part. Looking at the output from the modem's signal page, it is a classic case of the wrong downstream signal set. All you would have had to do was enter this link on the Webstar modem:

click here

enter the proper downstreamk frequency for Virgin cable, which is 339000000 Hz, not 331250000 Hz.

The problem is that Virgin helpdesk staff are not trained to know this kind of thing. The solution of replacement modem is a costly on for Virgin, so maybe if one of their Network managers/planners reads this, you could give you staff a kick up the backside.

Hope someone else finds this link useful.


  tuyre 01:50 28 Apr 2008

Virgin Broadband now use at least 4 frequencies. The first two are 331000000 and 339000000. Both frequencies are correct whatever they are the must be 6 zeroes following the first figure. Any readings in the status page requires resetting the values.

Don't know what the last two frequencies are, sorry.

  LABMAN 15:30 28 Apr 2008

Hi Tuyre,

many many thanks for your kind info as that's exactly the information I was looking for, it's nice to get a reply even after so long nd with it ticked as resolved too.

I knew the downstream frquency was wrong, mine was and is on the new modem 331000000 but I just couldn't get this through to the so called tech guy in India or get him to talk me through changing them.

I'd had the problem nefore and the Indian lady I spoke to on that occasion realy sounded as if she knew what she was talking about and not just reading from a script of tick boxes so I knew the figures were wrong.

There is no getting away from the fact that Virgins Technical help has nose dived as has the quality of their staff in the past few months to such an exten I'm honestly wondering if it's worth contacting them with the rubbish advice you are getting from them.

Can I ask you bit of advice though, how do you access the page that allows you to make the changes as there is nothing on the modem home page...

I had both pages saved in my favourites last time but unfortunately when I had to reformat the system found to my cost I hadn't updated my saved favourites, I've moved them off my C drive this time to make sure it doesn't happen again though...

many thanks


  the Rascal 17:58 28 Apr 2008

To reset you modem click here
Modem configeration page click here
And the modem status page click here

On the configeration page,change the starting frequency to 331000000 Hz and press "ok" that usually works for me

  LABMAN 20:48 28 Apr 2008

Many thanks the rascal, just what the doctor ordered...safely stored in my favourites and off my operating disc.


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