Virgin Media Broadband speed

  Seadog 18:53 17 Nov 2007

I've just upgraded my package with Virgin Media which includes a 20 meg connection (I used to have 4 meg) however, no matter what time of the day I run a speedtest I only get between 4.4 and 4.8 megs. (Upload is around 600 - 700kb/s)
With the 4 meg connection I got 3.8 (350 up)almost consistently so there is little improvementto be seen really.

I contacted their so-called helpline (Indian call centre at 25p per minute and 10p connection) and they told me to download two files from the virgin game site at the same time, these downloaded at 550kb/s each making a total download of 1100kb/s which their "technician" then said that was the standard rate for 20meg.

Is this correct or has anyone got any ideas - I reckon that it's a bit of a rip-off.

Any advice or suggestions will be welcome.

  VoG II 18:55 17 Nov 2007

What speed do you get with this test click here

  jimv7 19:04 17 Nov 2007

Have you turned your modem off foe a few mins. then try again.

  ianeon 19:04 17 Nov 2007

Seadog - I have the same problem - I too upgraded to 20megs - The only time I get anything decent is at about 3am - lol - and that is only about 7megs.
VoG - I tried that test - I'm averaging 5.5 megs - not bad when I am paying for 20megs.

  Seadog 19:05 17 Nov 2007

Thanks for that link VoG
Just tested at 8252kb/s on that site.

I also connect through a Belkin router and this site says that most routers are only 10meg rated for WAN. Will have to check further, may need a new router.

  bluto1 19:06 17 Nov 2007

I, too, am with Virgin Media and signed up to an 8Mb/s connection speed, but I've never had better than 5.1Mb/s. My BT line is not capable of more than 5.5Mb/s.The average I get is about 3.0.
You're paying for up to 20 and getting figures far short of that.

  DerekR 19:14 17 Nov 2007
  VoG II 19:15 17 Nov 2007

You may need a new cable modem to get a better speed - I did. When the XL service was first upgraded from 10 to 20 Meg there was a link on the VirginMedia website but I can't find it anymore so I guess you may need to phone Mumbai again! When I got mine it was free if you fitted it yourself. You then need to phone (free) to get a code to get it working. Mine didn't work to I phoned Tech Support and they called me back to save me call charges and fixed it remotely.

I routinely get 16-18 Meg which is more than ample for me.

  Seadog 19:37 17 Nov 2007

I did get a new cable modem for free as well, but only after kicking up a fuss with the sales dept. because a speedtest showed 4.2 megs, also the tech support guy in India said my present modem was not compatible with 20 meg.

However, I must try and find the tech specs for my Belkin router, (an F5D7230-4 v2000) and see if the WAN is restricted to 10 meg as VoGs link says.

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