David33 08:57 29 Aug 2007

Hi, I am trying to connect on the internet using a virgin media broadband service but receive the following error during installation. Your computer does not have an Ethernet card (NIC). It's a brand new laptop with Vista on. Anyone has an idea?

  birdface 10:08 29 Aug 2007

Hi. I have a 6 year old computer and that connected Ok to Ntl.All I can think of is to contact the company that you got the computer from,And ask their advice.Or if you have Virgin Phone line Dial 150.But you have to pay 25p a minute with them, If no one can help.Try posting your problem on the cable here Sorry I am not a lot of help ,Just filling in until someone can give you the advice that you need.

  wrg 10:33 29 Aug 2007

I think it means the following. Your modem/router connects to your laptop via ethernet. When installing the software it is looking for an ethernet card and cannot find one. What modem/router are you using and what laptop do you have?

  octal 10:50 29 Aug 2007

You don't need to use the Virgin Media software to set it up, just plug it all in and open any browser it will take you to the NTL (yes it is still NTL, they haven't changed it yet) provisioning screen where you can enter all the information like your PID, password and computer name. I've never had a problem for several years connecting to them, I can't use their blotware on my system anyway.

  hiwatt 11:21 29 Aug 2007

I had the exact same problem while setting up a new computer.It's something to do with the virgin media cd and vista.When I phoned them I was told to open up internet explorer and given something to type in the address bar and this got me connected to the internet.

  David33 11:31 29 Aug 2007

Hiwatt can you remember what did you type in? I dont want to spend half an hour on the phone for 25p/min :)

  martjc 11:36 29 Aug 2007

...using usb cable, Virgin no longer supports this. You need to connect via ethernet cable (usually yellow one) Then reboot the modem [Unplug the mains lead for ten secs then re-connect].
It will probably work then.

If you don't have an ethernet connector in the pc, you will need to buy one and insert it. Virgin should recompense you for the cost.

  obi-two 11:41 29 Aug 2007

The problem with the VM installation disc is that it was written prior to Vista and does not recognise it as a valid operating system, but previous posters are correct, you don't need the disc to get connected. It is unlikely that your new laptop does not have a NIC installed, but check for an ethernet port on the back of your laptop, if you can plug your ethernet cable into a port then you have a NIC, only problem is it may not be enabled, which is why the instal. can't find it. To enable it, go to Start-Control Panel-System-Hardware-Device Manager and scroll down till you find your ethernet card listed. Then right click and enable it. Hope this works for you.

  David33 11:45 29 Aug 2007

I am connecting directly to a cable modem using a cable first. I will go wireless after. Cable connection should be more straightforward. The laptop surely has got an Ethernet card. It is Asus FT3C AP-049C with Vista. I will try to reinstall all drivers even though they all work properly. I had already troubles before as the Setup CD did not support Windows XP with Czech localization so I bought a new laptop. Aaaaaa it is a pain.

  lil27 12:45 29 Aug 2007

David 33,

I recently connected my new laptop (vista) to my Virgin Media modem. I simply connected an Ethernet cable (not supplied with laptop) between the modem and the laptop. (Cable may be yellow/blue/grey). My laptop identified new hardware straight away and installed it. I did not need any software at all. I was surprised that I did not need to do any more.

I suggest that you remove the VM software, restart the PC and then plug in the Ethernet cable.

  hiwatt 12:50 29 Aug 2007

I'm sorry I can't remember.I've still got it at my girlfriends,I'll post it later.If you can just phone customer services and ask for the code for installing a vista computer.

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