Virgin Media in another room

  heartsfanno1 15:54 25 Jun 2008

hi i was just wondering if anyone can give me a bit of advice. I'm looking to get my Virgin media played on my tv in my bedroom but dont want another box. I dont mind having to watch the same as the living room but would prefer if i could change the channel in my bedroom.

I know you can get a magic eye for Sky but i'm not sure if there's anything like this for cable.

If anyone could let me know if there is that would be great!

ps I dont really want to be splitting and trailing cables either.

  Tempest1 20:07 25 Jun 2008

There are TV/Video senders artound which are supposed to be cable compliant. If you google it some results should come back. How effective they are I don't know, other then that its paying for the extra box.If you do find a workable solution post back as its something I've been thinking about doing.

  Giant68 20:34 25 Jun 2008

If you have a scart output on the virgin box you could use one of these:click here
If you only have the one scart socket on the back then add this as well:click here


  Ditch999 23:20 25 Jun 2008

Argos have ones compatible with cable click here

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