virgin ISP, Win x

  Azrael 16:13 26 Apr 2003

I use 56k dial internet connection. Just recently everytime I connect to the internet, within a short space of time the connection is
usually lost! I can normally tell when this is about to happen as it always seems to happen while the web page is slowly trying to locate the server.
The brower status bar stops, and the internet connetion status also no longer recieves infomation.

My ISP is Virgin Net, and I've had no such problems with them before, yet since purchasing a new PC and using Windows XP it loses conn all the damn time. I've followed all the connection advice given by Virgin and the problem still occurs, which is very frustrating as it sometimes happens within minutes of connected to the net, not allowing me any usage..

Any ideas how to remedy it?

  ardvarc 17:14 26 Apr 2003

Go into Control Panel - Internet Options - Connections - Make sure Virgin net is your default dial up and put a dot in Always dial my default connection. Go into Settings - make sure your username and password are there - Advanced - and make sure there is no check marks in both 'Disconnect' boxes - set your dial-up times - then go into Properties - make sure your dial-up number is there and configure your modem if need be. Options - Dial option -check mark in box 1,2,4. then set your redial options. This should be enough but post back if you encounter problems. Is your email account set up?.

  Azrael 18:55 26 Apr 2003

Yep checked all those, and they are all "hunky-dory" but the problem is still there...

If you need any extra info on the problem i can tell you.

I do have a firewall (Norton) but i often disable it in hope to avoid the problem but it doesnt help.

I can't remeber the last time i remained connected for the full 2hrs, it always loses connection pretty soon

  Andybear 15:49 28 Apr 2003

Azrael, It's no help but I'm having exactly the same problems. Virgin swear blind that it's nothing to do with them, it's my system, telephone line etc. I've done everything they told me but it's still no better. A few friends had the same problems and in the end they switched to other ISP's. The problems have now ended. When I explained this to Virgin they said it's because they had new diallers and told me to create a new dialler. I did so and guess what - it's still as bad! I just wish Virgin would accept that the problems might be down to them, instead of being so dismissive. This isn't the way to keep people on their service!

  ardvarc 16:20 28 Apr 2003

As a matter of interest, do you have Virgin's dialup software drom a disk or downloaded online. I have 4 PC's and a laptop all manually configured to dialup and don't suffer from this problem. I live in a village in the NE sqeezed between a city and town boundaries right on the coast but we are not on BT's or Cable's Broadband hitlist.

  Azrael 17:23 28 Apr 2003

Andybear, thanks for that mate... It's very intresting, I figured it was Virgin's fault as nothing has changed really, it just suddenly stopped working one day recently, in a frustrated state yesturday trying to write them an email for help i logged onto the net using a "pay as you go" service from Rapidial and was on for half hour without any problems at all. As for you Ardvarc I have no dialup software, just the Microsoft Internet Connection setup to Virgin which is the only way they do it I belive.

Lastly I think I'll cancel Virgin for the time being untill they make some changes, anyone suggest an "all-in" ISP for about 15quid a mth unlimited, anytime... I have Firefly in mind at the moment

  Azrael 21:10 29 Apr 2003

Anyone else having simular problems with Virgin. I recieved a cheeky email back from them asking me to call the 50p a minute helpline to check my settings are all correct which i know they are, the problem I not a fault at my end

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