virgin cable broadband

  karmgord 19:20 19 Feb 2008

2mb virgin cable broadband any comments? how reliable, how close to speed rated, how good is customer service? anything else?

  recap 19:54 19 Feb 2008

I use virgin cable and have had no problems for the past 2 years, so I cannot comment on the customer service part of your question.

  Falkyrn 20:21 19 Feb 2008

The main service is good and customer service is at best patchy but normally lousy ..... I had need to call them when the cable modem started belching out smoke to be told the only reason I could not get Internet access was that I did not have an account with them .... I asked if they would then return the money they had been taking from my bank account for the previous six years and they hung up.

  ianeon 20:35 19 Feb 2008

I use 4mb and it is good - I tried the 20mb and found it absolutely rubbish, could never get more than 10mb - I have found the service reliable apart from around 4pm-6pm in the afternoon when it slows down quite alot. - Technical help isn't very good, and its expensive - Normal customer relations is very good - This is in the North east of England

  lisa02 20:35 19 Feb 2008

LOL @ Falkyrn,

had it a month and it's been permanently at 1.89Mbps. Customer service is exactly like Falkyrn said.

I had ntl in a couple of years back and ditched them for BT as the problems inc billing ones where awful. In between then and now I was without a PC for about a year and turned the BT service off.

When I was looking for a new ISP, when I bought a PC again, BT wanted £125 just to connect me and thus I was forced back to Ntl.

Ntl made a complete dog's mess of my service last time but the deal was incredibly cheap:

2meg unlimited internet
med phone
free install for a flat £30 a month.

  lisa02 20:36 19 Feb 2008

Oh there is a charge for customer care but it's refunded if the fault is with them.

  [email protected] 20:47 19 Feb 2008

Been with them for years (formally Telewest) and had nothing but first class service.

I've never had reason to call technical support since Virgin took over but the few times I called before that it was excellent.

Speed on cable connections is not dependant on distance from the telephone exchange so you should receive the speed advertised and I always have (all day).

  AlanHo 20:57 19 Feb 2008

I have had Telewest broadband since it was first introduced in the Midlands - plus their TV and phone services.

The service has been reliable and I mainly get a connection speed of 3900 kbps on my 4 MB connection - but it drops a little during peak evening times.

I cannot give much of an opinion on customer service - it has been very good on the very few occasions I have called them. However, when I called last week with a question about the imminent line speed upgrade I was totally unable to understand the operator. I assume it was an Indian call centre. I felt sorry for the young lady - she tried so hard to get the information across but I had to give up in the end and have Emailed them.

  HXP 00:52 20 Feb 2008

3 years no probs good service, always helpful after having BB for a few years and it being so good swapped TV and Telephone over as well got all three for £20 then found out I could have a 300 min + 300 texts per month mobile deal for £10.

Good value, good service ( and no I don't work for them you suspicious lot ! )



  Picklefactory 10:48 20 Feb 2008

Had the 2Mb service for about 4 months now. So far no issues other than those mentioned above, slows down some in the early evenings and my experience with customer support has been mixed, had a guy from Scotland on first call, who was extremely helpful (He gave incorrect info, but was at least trying), got India on next two who were totally pointless and a complete waste of time, didn't want to know. Incidentally, issue turned out to be my LAN card, not Virgin, so I've had no supply problems as yet.

  martjc 11:00 20 Feb 2008've had in this thread, a good appraisal of VM.
Telewest/NTL became VM in April last year, but as far as I know the companies are still not fully integrated. Telewest still handle only customers in the TW area and NTL handle theirs.

The problems with service arise because staff are poorly trained and those without a tech background get lost in the mire sometimes.

Falkyrn: Maybe you got on to the wrong service, re my first paragraph. That could explain the hangup. If the agent can't see you in his software because you are in the wrong area it will be very confusing for him/her. Some are loathe to ask to put you on hold while they ask someone for help - this leads to the cut off. Sad, I know, but that's what happens!

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