Virgin Cable BB slower than Dialup

  pj123 16:37 05 May 2007

Over the last few days my BB (ex NTL now Virgin at 4mb) has got slower and slower.

I tried downloading Jetaudio (21.8mb) The download started at 382.3KB/Sec but after about 6 seconds it started dropping and ended up at 8.8KB/Sec

The time remaining went up and up to about 58 minutes. I cancelled the download and left it a day and then tried again, still the same.

Just tried again today, this time the lowest it got to was 24.7KB/Sec. Time remaining was 17 mins so I let it run.

I did want to update my Nero 6 to the latest but Package 1 is 34mb and Package 2 is 36mb. At the speed I have at the moment that will take me all day.

  birdface 18:13 05 May 2007

I would probably say it may be your computer that is at fault,Have you tried running your Anti-Virus and spyware programs,Or try unplugging your Modem for a minute,Switch it back on and leave for 2 minutes before you use it.

  birdface 18:21 05 May 2007

click here Try this one its for cable users and will start working when you open it,

  jimv7 18:38 05 May 2007

It could also be that the server your trying to download from has low or reduced bandwidth.

  Smiler 18:53 05 May 2007

I'm on Virgin and just done the link buteman gave and it comes up 4meg

So does this one

click here

  pj123 18:54 05 May 2007

buteman. yes I tried all of those. Virgin Helpdesk told me to switch off the computer, take the power lead out of the modem. Wait for two minutes then plug the power lead back in on the modem. Wait for the Power, enet, sync and ready lights to come on. Then switch the computer on and it should be reset. Didn't make any difference.

The speed test, for the time it took, said 3823 but I have done other speed tests and they all say something between 3800 and 4925. The tests only last for a few seconds and they could be right.

But after about 6 or 7 seconds on a "real" download it starts dropping and ends up somewhere between 9 and 24 KB/Sec.

It wasn't like that a couple of weeks ago. The download speed was so fast it wasn't true.

In fact my next door neighbour, who is still on dialup, gets me to download stuff for him. He can probably do it faster than me now.

I have an analogue dialup modem which I only use to send faxes now. I will give that a try on a PAYG site and see what the difference is.

  BRYNIT 19:10 05 May 2007

As jimv7 has stated it could be the server your downloading Jetaudio from.

I am on Vergin 2Mb and have just been to to test the downloaded of Jetaudio. Clicking on the authors site the download started at about 95KB/sec and droped down to 65KB/sec. Clicking on the MagorGeeks EU link the download speed was about 230KB/sec.

  birdface 19:51 05 May 2007

You could try Control Panel,Administrative tools,Services,Scroll down till you get to DNS Server ,make sure it is set to automatic,And Contro Panel,Network connections,Right click on local Area Connection,And press repair,See if that shows any problems,

  Strawballs 19:59 05 May 2007

Try doing your Nero update and see what that is like as it will be on a different server to that of jetaudio

  pj123 20:12 05 May 2007

BRYNIT, tried major geeks. No difference. Started off at 292KB/Sec but dropped to 19KB/Sec within 6 seconds. (40 minutes remaining)

buteman, did both. It is set to Automatic and no problems show up in Repair.

  pj123 20:20 05 May 2007

Strawballs, tried Nero Package 1 (34mb).

Started off ok but this time only dropped down to 35.6KB/Sec. About 14 minutes. I let it run this time.

The other thing I have noticed is the download site always says something like "Your download will start in a few seconds. If it doesn't click here". Well it never does start within a few seconds and I always have to use the "click here" bit to get it to start?

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