Virgin Broadband Wireless Set up - Help!

  jtb1983 11:19 29 Jan 2009


I’m looking for some help setting up my Wireless Virgin broadband after several failed phone calls with there technical support line. I’ve found a few forum posts which sound like a similar problem to me but nothing with exactly the same set up.

I hope someone out there can help.

I have cable internet through virgin with a splitter running to my cable TV set top box, my internet cable runs into the back of my ntl:250 cable modem then via a Ethernet cable into my Netgear WGR614 router.

I ran the Virgin broadband wireless set up CD and set up my router with a name and password, after a couple of restarts my laptop seemed to pick up the router and had a strong signal, which makes me think my modem and router are set up correctly. But through the Virgin broadband manager it tells me I cannot connect to the internet, and when I open internet explorer I get the standard “cannot connect to internet” screen.

I know my way around a computer but as I’ve never had to set up wireless before I’m not too familiar with how to sort this problem. From reading other forums I think it may have something to do with configuring the router or setting up new IP addresses?

Any help would be much appreciated,



  birdface 11:54 29 Jan 2009

I can't quite remember what I read before.But I think it was to switch both the router and the modem off for 2 minutes then it was either turn the modem on first and then the Router about 20 seconds later or the other way about.I must admit I did the exact same as you about a fortnight ago and the only problem I had was the laptops wireless was not switched on.Switched the wireless on on the laptop and connected straight away.Same as you Virginmedia cable connection and exact same Router.

  birdface 12:05 29 Jan 2009

Have you tried right clicking Local area connection and pressing repair.Did you follow all the directions.I followed them all up to the last bit and it would not Finalize it was not until I found out how to turn the wireless on on the laptop that it would finalize.I found it was fairly easy as it was my first attempt to try wireless. [ do with configuring the router or setting up new IP addresses]I never had to do anything like that.maybe just switch your modem off for 10 seconds and back on again.See if that does it.

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