Virgin Broadband - upload problems

  bmfield 22:41 22 Apr 2007

I was previously on NTL before being moved onto Virgin Media (4MB). It's never been as quick as NTL but in the last 2 days it's been really slow and I can't upload files/attach files on web-based email/send information to websites.

Having contacted Virgin's technical support (Indian Call centre) they told me I had an upload speed so it was my computer. Yes I have an upload speed but it only uploads the first 40000 bits before timing out!

I've tried uninstalling IE7, returning to a system restore point from a month ago, refreshing my IP address, virus scans, running in safe mode, and disabling virus scans and firewalls but nothing makes any difference.

Does anyone have any suggestions - I have also sent a complaint by email to Virgin.


  birdface 23:33 22 Apr 2007

click here might give you an idea of your speed.

  bmfield 23:39 22 Apr 2007

Download speed is fine - what it should be. It's just the upload speed that is affecting everything. But thanks for your help


  Strawballs 23:59 22 Apr 2007

click here this one should also give you upload speeds as well.

  bmfield 00:17 23 Apr 2007

This is the problem - testing download works fine and is a decent speed

Come to test upload speed and it fails to test it as its not a continuous upload stream.

How can I get a continuous upload?


  ianeon 04:47 23 Apr 2007

I was on Telewest Blueyonder before being "moved" onto Virgin Media(4mb) and I have exactly the same problems - slow speeds - I too complained but couldn't get the call centre to understand what the problem was. I too complained in writing and was asked to provide figures to support my complaint!!! - Haven't heard anything back since - I live in the N.E. of England - My system works perfectly well at 4am - but at 9am and again at 5pm-7pm it grinds to a halt( practically - lol ). Good luck with your problem, I may change to BT they sem to be improving their service

  birdface 10:12 23 Apr 2007

It looks as though there are quite a few complaining about it,Had a look on the cable Forum.And they say if you think its bad now,It will be a lot worse when they start the 20mb next month,Its a matter of wait and see,Are you on cable, or dial up.

  birdface 10:22 23 Apr 2007

click here this does not open in the correct page, Go to 10Meg is being downgraded in the evening.

  birdface 10:25 23 Apr 2007

You have to go into Internet services and then 10 meg is being downgraded.

  ianeon 12:08 23 Apr 2007

I am on broadband - Thank you for that forum address

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