Virgin Broadband speedtest

  Boluwd 18:47 26 Jul 2005

Has anyone else checked their 1.1Mbps Virgin Broadband download speed using a speedtest like test. I'm only getting 476kbps!!!
Virgin support have looked into this and apparently it's down to BT who seem to think anything between 100kbps to a full 1Mbps is normal. As far as BT is concerned my 476kbps does not warrant further investigation.

Can we have a "straw poll" of average speeds carried out by other Virgin 1.1Mbps users please to compare.
click here
link above for speedtest.

  Stuartli 18:49 26 Jul 2005

Have you also tried the click here speed test?

You have to do several tests in sequence to get a fair idea.

  Microdot 18:54 26 Jul 2005

Virgin: Down 943Kbps
Up 240Kbps

Cheers de Art.

  Boluwd 20:58 26 Jul 2005

I've also used BT's own speedtest at the request of Virgin. ( This was also low on 482kbps. Using your link I get 503kbps. I'm not too impressed with BT's attitude that anything from 100 to 1000kbps is acceptable for a 1meg service.

  Stuartli 22:17 26 Jul 2005

Probably because BT has no control on contention rates etc used by ISPs - it is only the provider of the service unless, of course, you use BT broadband.

  Stuartli 22:22 26 Jul 2005

Further, when I originally signed up for Tiscali's 1MB service back in April I was actually getting up to 2.4MB - even when it was dropped to the 1MB service I've continued to get between 1MB and 1.5MB.

I'm perfectly happy with that...:-)

  Dipso 22:43 26 Jul 2005

This site click here can advise of any contention issues affecting your exchange.

Have you tried a speed test at different times of the day? Do any of your neighbours, not necessarily with Virgin have problems?

I wouldn't be happy with those speeds either, if the fault lies with Virgin rather than your exchange I would take advantage of the short contract and find another ISP.

  Boluwd 20:15 27 Jul 2005

The Broadband Resource page indicates that my exchange at Harrogate has a green coded VP status. I think therefore that a survey of the local residents is called for. Then I can decide if Virgin are giving me a half speed service. (It's a bummer having to change email addresses and overall I've been happy with Virgin).

  Stuartli 20:17 27 Jul 2005

Change ISPs and (if it offers it) take out a PAYG account with Virgin to maintain your e-mail address.

  Dipso 22:14 27 Jul 2005

I still have a Virgin email address from when I had their ADSL 2 years ago. They used to provide a back up dialup account on Pay As You Go so you may not need to do anything.

They advise you dial in every 3 months to keep the email account active but I don't and mine's still active.

You would need to reconfigure your email client to your new ISP's SMTP sending server if you chose to do this.

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