Virgin Broadband setup without disk

  geoff47 21:33 20 Feb 2008

I should know how but I have forgotten.

I am trying to setup Virgin Broadband on a win98 PC with an Ethernet card.
I have broadband already, this is just to get a friends PC setup while around my place.
I have installed the Ethernet card OK, but the PCI communication device needs drivers.
Am I right in believing this is the Virgin modem ?
I have downloaded drivers for this on my PC and need better advice as to if this is what I need, or if I have it all wrong.....again.
Many thanks

  woodchip 21:45 20 Feb 2008

IF you have your user name and Password go to Control Panel Network Connections Wizard enter the above into the wizard

  woodchip 21:46 20 Feb 2008

PS top left for create new connection

  Joe R 21:49 20 Feb 2008


iof it is cable broadband, connect the modem to your computer, go to device manager, double click on the modem, and install drivers.

You should then only have to click on your browser.

Or is your modem not showing up in device manager.

  geoff47 22:12 20 Feb 2008

Joe R,
The modem is not showing up in Device manager.
There is a Modem V90 showing on the PC case, and System Properties tells me no PC Card sockets are installed.
The device manager tells me the PCI Card/Desktop Network PCI Card is working OK with drivers loaded.

  octal 22:20 20 Feb 2008

So what happens when you click on IE? You should get the NTL provisioning screen appear if the network card is working.

  geoff47 22:27 20 Feb 2008

I get nothing, the PC is not set up for broadband.
In device manager Other Devices shows a PCI Communication device with a yellow question mark.
Is that the Virgin Modem (that is not a modem technically apparently)
That was my original query, does that device need the drivers I have downloaded ?
I thought it might prove an error to install unrequired drivers willy nilly

  Joe R 22:31 20 Feb 2008


the V90 modem is for dial-up only, try loading the drivers for the PCI Communication device. ( with the modem drivers ).

If this does not work, there may be some motherboard drivers not installed.

  geoff47 23:49 20 Feb 2008

I have installed "Everest" home edition to look see.
Under Devices, Device resources, there are three items that are suspect.
I know nothing about the relevence but here goes...

IRQ 00 Shared PCI Communication device
Memory E2410000-E241FFFF Exclusive PCI Comm.Device
Port E000-E007 Exclusive PCI Communication Device

I have tried to install the Ambit drivers that I had downloaded to no avail.

Im sure I skipped through this last time I did it.

  Wrinkles 11:22 21 Feb 2008

I'm Not sure what Modem you have. I am with V M, latterly Telewest, On a single PC setup I connect the modem to the PC's network card with Cat5 cable, not USB. and the Modem doesn't show on the PC's Device manager. What you are seeing as "Communication device" would appear to be either a Network card or a dial up modem that are missing drivers.
My system has never required drivers for the Cable modem even when I was using Win98. Assuming all net card drivers are installed. Power OFF everything. Then with everything connected,Modem to PC network card, Power on the modem and WAIT until all lights are on and steady. wait a further 30 seconds minimum, before booting PC, once booted allow 30 seconds before trying to go online.

  woodchip 15:37 21 Feb 2008

They should have supplied a BB USB modem for to connect to your Account with them. You have setup an Account!!!!?????Yes No?

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