tonyd71 19:48 29 Jun 2009

I am trying to re-install PC Guard, but it keeps telling me that I still have some of the program left on the pc. I can't un-install Broadband Advisor by clicking remove in Control Panel, and I have a window that has appeared on my desktop saying "Broadband Advisor does not exist" Virgin told me that it was stuck in the registry and we tried to clear it by using CC Cleaner, but to no avail.
Any ideas please?

  VoG II 20:31 29 Jun 2009

If the program uses the Windows Installer (not InstallShield or its own installer) you could try click here to clear its registry entries. Note that this is not for the faint of heart!

  martjc 20:34 29 Jun 2009

...while I was there, many problems with PC Guard existed. I don't know if it's been changed since then [about 18 months ago], but the only way to re-install it, as I remember, was to use its own uninstaller to get rid, then install it again. If you tried to use Windows uninstaller, it caused lots of problems.

I would not touch it with the proverbial long bit of wood.

My advice in this would be to try to restore Windows to a time before you installed PC Guard, then find some other program to protect your pc.

  BT 07:50 30 Jun 2009

You really don't need to install the VM Disc that they give you when you take Broadband. The stuff on it just isn't necessary and just takes up lots of space on your computer. As martjc says PC Guard doesn't have a good reputation and there is lots of other free protection software available.

  birdface 08:11 30 Jun 2009

Maybe try running this in safe mode.

click here

  birdface 08:20 30 Jun 2009

I would not reinstall it.It must rate as a very poor security suite.Plenty of good freebies about that do a far better job.

Maybe if Virginmedia gave their customers more reliable security they would maybe pick up some extra customers but this one is for beginners that do not know any better.

Actually I may send them an e-mail and see if I get any response.

  Joe G 14:20 30 Jun 2009

I've noticed a few negative comments about PC Guard but have hung on to it for now - what are the problems with it, Buteman? Does it just not catch enough threats or are there other deficiencies. I know it takes ages to load up when starting up the laptop!

By the way thanks to you and all the other posters for your many helpful comments on this board - I'm learning a lot!


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