Chooper 16:55 22 Oct 2006

HI, I'm a bit new to this computing lark and looking for some help.

I have virgin broadband and used to have a USB speedtouch modem, this broke and I have being given a BT VOYAGER 190 ADSL ethernet modem by a friend, who got it when he signed up with AOL.

I have connected the modem via all the correct connections provided, but cannot connect to Virgin with it all. Could it me something to do with the fact this came from a AOL broadband silver pack. I have not used any of the software in the box as this is specifically for AOL.

I have managed to borrow a voyater 240 ADSL modem/router and this connects up fine. This was just bought from a computer shop and not provided by any other broadband supplier.

I have spoken to virgin support and they say it should not be a problem running an ethernet bt voyager modem, but just to ensure that I have the most upto date drivers downloaded. I didn't realise the ethernet modems required drivers.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

  Chooper 16:57 22 Oct 2006

The operating system I am running is XP home.

  Fingees 19:12 22 Oct 2006

It may be worthwhile contacting BT internet via Email or phone.

I know some ISPs lock their modems to their own broadband.

Freeserve used to, and it had to be unlocked by them over the line, before it could be used by another ISP

It's just a thought

  wobblymike 20:44 22 Oct 2006

If you go into the configuration set up for the modem (for BT modems you normally enter in the address bar - but you will need to confirm this address)and enter your user name and password then hit connect it will either connect or tell you it cant for whatever reason, which could be it is locked to BT as mentioned earlier.

  wobblymike 20:46 22 Oct 2006

PS It is just possible that if your modem was previousely used with AOL it might have had its MTU set to 1400 (which is what AOL uses) you may need to reset it to 1500 which you do from within the modems set up programme accessed as described above,

  Chooper 20:05 24 Oct 2006

Thanks for the advice. Did as you said about going to the configuring set up for the modem and once there and once there had a bit of a look in the type of modems and updates and discovered that the 190 modem is specific to AOL as it was built and developed especially for them and will not run with any other ISP.

Wells that my answer, its no good to me, ebay here it comes.

Many thanks for the advice and help.


  Jas0r 16:41 05 Nov 2006


With a little help from this site
click here
I have made a modified firmware to be able to be uploaded to the BT Voyager 190 and be completely unlocked and used on any ISP. For a copy please go here
click here

Upload it by using the upload built into the routers home page.

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