virgin broadband

  steve_rfc 12:43 17 Dec 2007

hi can someone helim with virgin for my broadband

at the moment im using the modem they supplyed me but is there anything esle i can buy that would speed up my downloads ???

as they are very very slow at the miment ??

  MAJ 12:51 17 Dec 2007

It seems to be an ongoing problem with Virgin at the moment, you're not by any chance on the 20Mbps package, are you?

  steve_rfc 12:56 17 Dec 2007

not to sure just no its the medium package??

  birdface 12:58 17 Dec 2007

Have you tried this speed test.It will start as soon as you open here

  birdface 13:01 17 Dec 2007

They were supposed to up-grade the lower speeds in November.But unfortunately they forgot to mention what year.

  grizzley 13:02 17 Dec 2007

i am a virgin media broadband customer.

virgin have always had very slow speeds on their modems, reason unknown. i do know that they have a fair usage policy which after downloading a certain amount restricts all down speeds well below that which is advertised. on cablehell forum there are loads of people with same problem including myself. virgin are not able to give a valid reason for this, it may be that they have miss judged their system, but it looks like virgin have gone as far as they can or know technically.

  wids001 14:17 17 Dec 2007

I've may have mentioned this before, but, providing I DO NOT USE Internet Explorer as my web browser I have no problems whatsoever with Virgin and never have had.

I am on their 2meg (cable Broadband) deal and still access this through my AOL browser. I was with AOL dial-up and initially when I switched to Virgin I kept my AOL account (email/browser) for a reduced fee of £3.00 per month. Now it is free-of-charge.

My point is, when accessing the net thru the AOL browser I regularly get a DL speed of around 250kb/sec - and I download many gb's each month plus my children are also using this via a wireless link and XBOX live is also connected!

However, on the occasions I've tried using IE7 my DL speed has NEVER exceeded 50kb/sec! and this has been at different times.

I have just done a little test .... I have downloaded a 93.5mb music file using AOL at a slowest speed shown @ 243kb/s. I immdeiately downloaded the same file using IE7 as my browser and surprise, surprise ... 47kb/s!!!! Then I downloaded it again with AOL @ 247kb/s at its slowest.

Maybe I'm just lucky or maybe I've discovered Virgin's problem .... MS Internet Explorer!

  birdface 15:14 17 Dec 2007

Good point.If you start Internet Explorer first then do your speed checks ,What one works better then.

  birdface 15:26 17 Dec 2007

I should have said after you Re-boot the computer.

  Chris the Ancient 16:08 17 Dec 2007

The 'frog' modem that virgin supply is not the best in the world (if you have the one that plugs into a usb port).

I used to have similar problems - most of which disappeared when I got a decent modem. The only other problems I had were with my 'internal' wiring between the phone socket and the computer.

Can you beg, borrow, or arrange to have the use of a decent modem that works off your ethernet port? It may take a couple of days to stabilise; but it may well eliminate - or otherwise - the modem.

The next stage is to try plugging your modem directly into the 'service socket' on you main telephone point (accessed behind the socket's front cover) and see how that works for speeds. This can (or maybe not) eliminate cabling between the computer and the phone socket. It is a pain if you have to temporarily move your computer there; but it can eliminate 'internal' wiring.

But, the best bet is to try a decent modem first.



  gardener 16:13 17 Dec 2007

It could be your router, read this:

click here

However, I use the Speedtouch router mentioned in the article and my Virgin broadband speed can be atrocious at certain times of the day.

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