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  neil67 13:30 15 Dec 2007

would like anyones advice,about changing my broadband from Virgin.
the reason i am changing is i am paying for 8m and not even getting 2m.
If i changed to BT Broadband would this make a differance,as i am getting Hissed off with the service Virgin broadband are providing.
I know the further you live away from exchange it affects your service but i only live about 1 mile away,and even at 12 midnight its still crap.
Any help would be gratefully recieved
Thanks Neil

  Kemistri 13:42 15 Dec 2007
  snoopygirl 18:55 22 Dec 2007

i would ask virgin to change your modem plus i would try to get some credit off them when they chaged your modem if there is still not any difference tell them to get some one to check your wiring out side i have been having problems as well

  mrwoowoo 19:35 22 Dec 2007

what usb modem are you using (if any) as certain ones such as speedtouch 330 need a faster driver to go at top speed.Perhaps you could try reinstalling a new driver anyway.

  lofty29 21:51 01 Jan 2008

I am with Virgin and wish that I was not, the speeds are rubbish and they just tell you it is your set-up. customer service is rubbish, I am locked in for anothe 9 months, but when the time is up I am off. Having said that most of the bb providers do not keep their promises. I just wish that ofcom or whatever would make them stand by the commitment they make

  RedSkywalker 23:34 01 Jan 2008

It's more than possible that you are in fact a victim of Virgin's "traffic shaping" policy. If you download more than 350mb in "peak" hours they automatically cut your bandwidth for at least the next 4 hours - that's the biggest single reason so many of their customers experience slow traffic.

They call it fair usage but it really just means that you're not allowed to use the bandwidth you're paying for!

  martjc 10:25 03 Jan 2008

...RedSkywalker. I once worked for Telewest/Virgin as a customer support tech advisor. In their blurb, and in house too, they continuously talk about their 'no limit' service. Hey! It does not exist! Some capping has always been there and always will be. Advisors are told not to mention this - so I haven't. The problem seems to be that most of the country suffers from contention issues between about 8. p.m. and 2.a.m. - when all you gamers are busy.

Now Virgin is still under the influence of Telewest and NTL and their ludicrous claims. It will be some time before it is put right - if ever, because Virgin has no immediate plans to renew most of it's equipment. This renewal is badly needed. And the customer suffers!

neil67, you have my deepest sympathy but please do understand that it is not the advisors who are crap - it's just the company's economy with the truth!

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